They undertake adaptation and cleaning works on the road to La Salina

The councilor for urban maintenance, Javier Padorno, and the councilor for environment, sustainability and agriculture, María del Carmen Angulo, visited the works that the town hall is undertaking on the road to La Salina, located on the road of Fuerte del Rey, where it serves 180 farmers and a family saltworks.

The works are being carried out by Pavimentaciones Morales, the company that won the contract for this project launched from the urban maintenance area. This road is 2,200 meters long and the works will be carried out from point 0+400 kilometers at its end. “All the ditches will be cleared so that the surface drainage of water works well; The margins are also going to be cleaned and a layer of artificial gravel is going to be extended to improve traffic,” explained Padorno.

To this work will also be added the construction of two speed bumps to channel runoff water from the ravines so that, even in the rainy season, traffic can be maintained through this enclave. Padorno indicated that “the total investment is 47,000 euros and represents an action more than what this government team is doing within the roads belonging to the municipality”, evaluating their intervention at this time so that the roads for agricultural use are in optimal conditions and allow olive growers to have better access and be able to take the vehicles with the olives to the mills.

“The objective, therefore, is to improve the functionality of these roads and, on the other hand, to enhance road safety in these sections which record a notable volume of traffic derived from agricultural activity”, he stressed. . The mayor stressed that “it is a simple job, quickly executed, but it is essential because the good maintenance and conservation of the roads avoid their deterioration and agricultural work is hampered”.

More road cleaning

In this line he recalled that “from the Department of Urban Maintenance we carry out annual clearing, clearing and cleaning of the margins to prevent weeds and vegetation from hindering the passage or preventing the flow of water through the ditches” and that “they are taking away two clean-up campaigns; one in the spring and another in the fall, which began this week with staff from Youth Employment Plans, who work on the road to Las Cabezadas and will later work on the rest of the municipal roads around the capital.

The city councilor added that “for this government team, it is a priority that the municipal road network does not present any deficiencies, so we have an impact on the maintenance of stormwater infrastructures so that they are in perfect condition. and on the cleaning and clearing of banks, so that the needs of farmers are covered and have quality equipment”.

The Councilor for Agriculture, María del Carmen Angulo, explained that “there are more than 180 users who directly or indirectly use this road in which until now no municipality has intervened, despite the fact that they have been asking for it for many years.” At the same time, he appreciated “the sensitivity and efforts of the urban maintenance area to repair a much-needed enclave, the condition of which made it almost impossible to tow vehicles laden with olives”.

For her part, Rebeca López, co-owner of the Don Diego Salt Mine, accessible by this road, assured that “for us there are many things that are done on this road and something that we fight for all our , because for years we had to use many means and family resources to adapt it”.

For this reason, he thanked the City Council for its commitment to its development for the benefit of all, since it is also a very busy road for users of the Vía Verde.

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