They will resume the rehabilitation works of the old bridge of Virilla

The National Roads Council (CONAVI) has signed an amendment to the memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), which will allow the resumption of the rehabilitation project from January old bridge over the Virilla river on the national road 32 2023.

They will resume the rehabilitation works of the old bridge of Virilla

The rehabilitation of the old bridge over the Virilla River is essential for the country. This bridge, located on Route 32, is used by 80% of national imports and exports, where more than 25,000 motorists travel daily, and is one of 500 bridges identified as being in critical condition.


“We have reactivated this project with UNOPS, because it is a strategic partner, because we already had experience of the Virilla bridge, which is equal, because we must take advantage of the opportunity to work with the accesses to the bridge that had already been designed and we have the possibility of reviving the economy, generating transparency and creating jobs. This is what the country needs today, to carry out the works”, explained Mauricio Batalla, executive director of CONAVI about the decision to move forward with this project under the previous agreement that existed. already with UNOPS.

In addition, Batalla explained that under this agreement, the estimated cost of the project is maintained in April 2020, even in the context of inflation and rising raw material costs and that the project’s expected duration is reduced by 3 months.

After the resolution of CONAVI, the protocol for the continuation of the project was activated. The Consortium Virilla 32 SA, contractor for the works, has confirmed its desire to continue the construction works. In the meantime, UNOPS has launched the tendering process for the contracting of the construction supervision company, so that everything is ready for the start of works in January next year.

Rehabilitation of the old bridge

Work on the old Virilla Bridge on Route 32 will involve an estimated investment of $21,810,262.66 and will involve strengthening and widening the deck of the bridge to a width of 13.10 meters in order to accommodate an additional lane and speed up vehicular traffic in the greater San José metropolitan area.

The works also include the demolition and replacement of the precast double T beams and concrete slabs in the beam spans, as well as the reinforcement of all piers and bastions and their foundations. Brackets and seals will be replaced and seismic pads will be installed.

This bridge was built in 1986 and since its commissioning it has suffered damage such as deformations, deterioration of structural elements and accessories, an aspect that has worsened due to the lack of maintenance during its operation. In addition, since its design and construction, the seismic design standards for bridges have been updated, which requires strengthening them to comply with current regulations and thus
means of eliminating the risk of vulnerability to earthquakes.

Finally, an adequate drainage system will be built to ensure the proper evacuation of water on the platform, the access roads to the piers will be adapted and a pavement structure will be built on the northern access of the bridge, which is connects with the future expansion. . of the National Road n° 32. The works will also include a slip road linking the RN 32 to Calle 7 and the Ricardo Saprissa stadium, as well as the installation of
suicide fences.

The construction of the work will last 12 months, with a guarantee of one year after the completion of the works, including training programs for maintenance and monitoring.

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