This is the work of a stylist from Cáceres in ‘The House of the Dragon’

Christian Acedo has already realized one of his childhood dreams, to be a hairdresser. He is 29 years old, but seven years ago he created his own center in the Plaza Mayor of his hometown, Malpartida de Cáceres. Nobody gave him anything, years of study in cycles of hairdressing, make-up, specialization brides, a master’s degree in television, cinema, theater, character and special effects brought him to where he is today.

Acedo’s career is very focused on bridal styletravels the Spanish geography to reach the brides who need his services, but it is not his only job, the cinema, theater and television at regional and national level it is also part of his duties, because it is a creative element that he is passionate about. Something he was able to corroborate with his participation in the filming of ‘La maison du dragon’.

Acedo during a photoshoot. ASSIGNED

At the right time

He doesn’t know how it happened, although he thinks it was because of “to be at the right time and in the right place”, because if he had not been in Extremadura he would not have been able to work on the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’, which premiered on August 21. He received an unexpected call from the production stylists, he thinks he found it on the internet, and after sending his work file, pass an interview and a trial period, He became part of the team.

Your friends think that “He entered the world of cinema through the front door”, And it’s true, without having experience in this sector, he obtained a position in one of the most recognized series in the world. The stylist admits that the experience “was very pleasant and very rewarding personally and professionally, in addition to being tired”, this is perhaps the least satisfying part, she says that the days were very long, but that they were well paid.

was able to put practice their characterization skills with the limited freedom so scripts and preset characters dictated. Work on sets is not continuous, much less does it start and end in a single day, so makeup and hairstyles “had to be prepared the same way” repeatedly.

He says it was good to deal with the actors, they were all partners. “We were a team, if we all worked, everything was fine” and even though it was difficult to make friends, due to the short break time and the difficulties with the language, the good atmosphere created there with little smiles and looks was noticeable.

Although would have liked to continue working for this production companyhis parallel professional obligations prevented him from doing so, but he would not mind, on another occasion, to relive the experience.

Characterization makeup done by the artist. ASSIGNED

Girlfriends or movies?

It is not necessary to choose, but Christian is clear that “I couldn’t be 29 before retiring at 65, doing the same thing my whole life,” ‘locked up’ in his styling center, because he needs to create, to express his art. He thinks it’s “a balance, the wedding world and television, for example, offer very fast billing and little work”, on the contrary, “Cinema is a lot of work, but not always well paid”. You have a lot of money to bill when you work, but maybe you go a year without income. For this reason, he “would keep what I find most artistic professionally”, dedicated to his specialty, but in different ways.

I dream of working in the Harry Potter series, one of his favorite movies, although he considers it something, maybe impossible. Working on Game of Thrones seemed like a long way off, but opportunities come when you least expect them for true professionals. And, although participating in this film is complicated, it aspires to be able makeup and hair for her favorite singer, Mónica Naranjodespite the fear that seeing her as a companion and not an unreachable idol would cause him to lose his admiration.

As the proposals arrive in the world of cinema, Christian works in events such as the recent National Ballet of Spain at the Roman theater in Mérida, passes through the television making known the brushstrokes of his professiontakes care of customers in his center and receives awards such as the Wedding Awards 2022. Many different tasks to not end up “frustrated” and to be able to express his creativity.


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