Those of the FPC have started working with the Colombian national team, will they be able to convince Néstor Lorenzo?

Last Friday, September 30, the Colombian Football Federation announced a new call for coach Néstor Lorenzo, with the intention of carrying out a microcycle with professional Colombian footballers.

For these players, it is of the utmost importance to receive the call from the Argentine strategist, as it may be an opportunity to have closer contact with the Habs and aspire to be considered for official calls for friendly or competitive matches like the next one. 1. CONMEBOL qualifier.

In a bid to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, which will be jointly hosted by Mexico, Canada and the United States, Néstor Lorenzo needs to see all the possible actors to form the project that he has in mind to win a place in this sporting event, in addition to forming a competitive team to face the Copa América 2024.

For such reason, the new Habs coach has decided to call on 24 footballers from the local rental work with him between October 4 and 6, at the FCF headquarters in Barranquilla.

Precisely, the Federation reported that on Tuesday “the Colombian senior men’s national team had its first training on the pitch at the sports headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation in Barranquilla with the 24 players summoned”.

Coach Néstor Lorenzo had a full group on the first day of microcycle work. Training focused on ball movement with quick transitions,” the statement added.

In continuation of the microcycle, this Wednesday the summoned footballers will train “a double day” and in the afternoon, “before the second training session, there will be press attention to the media who will go at the FCF Sports Venue”.

Modifications in the initial list

The summoned list has undergone several changes due to the injuries that some players have presented, which unfortunately they had to withdraw so that other footballers could take their place in this second full call from the Argentine strategist after the friendlies against Guatemala and Mexico in the United States.

Before the two calls, there was one with only FCF goalkeepers for a microcycle in Bogotá.

The first dissatisfied were Nicolás Gil (Unión Magdalena) and Kevin Velasco (Deportivo Cali) “due to physical discomfort that prevents them from attending the call”, began the FCF. Considering this, Néstor Lorenzo decided to replace them called Jeison Lucumí (Deportes Tolima) and Cristian Tovar (Deportivo Pasto).

But the misfortune for some did not end, as changes in the roster of football players for this microcycle were again reported. Leonardo Castro (Deportivo Pereira) had to be ‘recalled due to physical discomfort which prevents him from answering the call’.

And as often in football, the misfortune of some is the perfect opportunity for others. The player who joined the appeal was Gianfranco Peña (América de Cali) “replacing the injured player”.

October microcycle call

  • Andres Correa – Equity
  • Brayan Vera – Cali America
  • Carlos Garces – Deportivo Pereira
  • Carlos Gomez – Millionaires FC
  • Dany Rosero – Junior FC
  • Daniel Ruiz – FC Millionaires
  • Esneyder Mena – Cali America
  • Jherson Mosquera – Deportivo Pereira
  • Joan Felipe Parra – Envigado FC
  • Johan Torres – Santa Fe Independent
  • José Luis Chunga – Petroleum Alliance
  • Juan Camilo Chaverra – Atletico Bucaramanga
  • Juan Portilla – America from Cali
  • Junior Hernandez – Sports Tolima
  • Kevin Castano – Golden Eagles
  • Maicol Medina – Deportivo Pereira
  • Nelson Deossa – Junior FC
  • Ricardo Marquez – Union Magdalena
  • Roberto Hinojosa – Union Magdalena
  • William Cuesta – Sports Tolima
  • Walmer Pacheco – Junior FC
  • Jeison Lucumi – Sports Tolima
  • Cristian Tovar – Deportivo Pasto
  • Gianfranco Pena – America from Cali.

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