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    The simple fact of talking well about yourself and spreading your qualities can open many doors for you. Don’t cut yourself! Benchmark gurus, experts in the field, will help you master this skill, in which undervaluing yourself has no place. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, what you know how to do, what you have learned; in short, who you are and what makes you good at your job (because you are). The impostor syndrome, which usually lurks behind the door, can prevent us from showcasing all those attributes and abilities, your efforts and your gifts. This is why it is important to keep in mind that selling is not bad, quite the contrary. Meet these excellent examples who support it and follow the advice of the women who dominate this art:

    1. Stefanie Sword-Williams founded his assertiveness platform, “F*ck BeingHumble”, in 2018. Today, he lectures at ‘Google’ and ‘Unilever’.
    2. Nicole Crentsil She is a cultural curator and CEO of “Black GirlFest,” a creative community and festival for black women, girls, and non-binary people.
    3. Joanne McNally She succeeded as an actress. Among his most acclaimed shows are ‘Wine Tamer’ and ‘The Prosecco Express’.
    4. Jana Starcevic She worked as a fashion designer before starting her stationery business, “The Completist”.
      1. Define your goals

        Looking to ride? A salary increase ? More responsibilities? “Before you start talking about yourself, think about what you want to accomplishadvises Stefanie Sword-Williams, who has held six jobs in seven years. It taught him not to keep quiet about his accomplishments, especially in interviews.

        celebrate success

        Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t say. “Corporate culture is constantly changing, so sometimes it’s hard to showcase what you’ve accomplished,” says Nicole Crentsil, who created ‘Black Girl Fest’ and was so successful that ‘Forbes’ claimed it. included in the list of 100 women to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. “It seems you can only brag about things based on your position. If you’ve just started working and want to come up with an idea to win over an important client, go for it,” he says.

        shake off the shame

        “When I was working as a designer, I didn’t feel comfortable getting hype myself. However, becoming an entrepreneur I realized that talking about my qualities was a necessity. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?” says Jana Starcevic.

        “If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?”

        talk to your bosses

        Don’t wait for the salary review to promote yourself. “Whenever you can, put meetings with your bosses on the agenda,” suggests Crentsil. “You must be able to speak openly with the responsible personadds Sword-Williams, who advises changing the approach based on what works best.

        widen the radius

        Create a good profile in your workplace, but also make sure you get known outside of that workplace. “Plant seeds to reap future opportunities,” says Sword-Williams. “In college, I created a blog. I didn’t show it to anyone but the managers I wanted to impress. Sometimes you don’t need to do things to be recognized at work, but to create relationships outside of it.”

        show yourself as you are

        Often we ignore our important information at networking eventsor at work because we don’t know what they’re going to think of us,” says Sword-Williams. “It makes it harder for people to notice you. They won’t see all of your interests or skills, although that information may be the reason someone signed you on.” Forget about self-pity and show who you really are.

        Forget self-pity and show who you really are.

        How to get it?

        “Practice,” Crentsil concludes. It’s funny, but it will be easier for you to tell someone that you have just learned of one of your exploits than to talk about it with a close friend. “Once you’ve done it, advertise it on the internet. Make a list of your accomplishments and plan how to share them. Maybe you’ve done some work on gender equality that you could post on Women’s Day,” says Crentsil. Maintain a strategic mentality and balance information so as not to overwhelm others.

        be your own agent

        This year, Sword-Williams entered the ‘Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ list. Do you know how? She nominated herself. “I was so proud of what I had accomplished with ‘F*ck Being Humble’, so I decided to give it a shot. Yeah, I needed four attempts to complete the application, but in the end I did. And, what’s better, I managed to get on the list. In an ideal world, we would have a team constantly celebrating what we do, but that’s not going to happen. ¡Take your future into your hands !

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        It’s not bragging, it’s the truth

        What I do is good and affects people’s livessays Crentsil. “The more I realize it’s true, the more confident I feel to share it. Our community these days is used to getting updates on our accomplishments, they love it.

        Create an “alter ego”

        Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce. And you can be whoever you want. “If I want to get orders for my store, I have to have the confidence to stand up for what I do,” Starcevic says. You can adopt a different personality. “At one of our first trade shows, we landed Selfridges. Having a tangible career milestone like that helped me a lot. Whenever I felt like an impostor, I was reminded of that merit,” she says. If there is something you can put forward as proof of your talent, hang on, it will help you assert yourself..

        “Having a tangible career milestone like that helped me a lot. Whenever I felt like an impostor, I was reminded of that merit.

        use your networks

        Comedian Joann McNally says Instagram has transformed the way it communicates with the public. “I want to sell tickets for my shows, so I’d be silly not to use it.” Plus, growing up virtually is much easier than finding fans at live performances or on TV. “Through my channel, my followers can see where I’m doing the next show or recommend me,” he says. It also helped him develop his career and earn money. “A friend of mine is a filmmaker and I keep asking her why she doesn’t publish her work. I told him: “You can’t afford to go unnoticed.” Because talent doesn’t make itself known“, Explain. According to Sword-Williams, you choose how to express yourself (the platform, the voice you use, etc.). “Having a website and updating your Twitter bio are also ways to promote yourself,” he says.

        know your audience

        Talking about your accomplishments without overwhelming people is an art, and it takes a lot of self-confidence. “Plus, you have to know the context,” says Starcevic. Sword-Williams believes it is adjust focus. “People ignored ‘F*ck Being Humble’ because of its name. But now, when I want to create new relationships, I know that I can promote myself that way to certain people. I can walk into a room and say I run a business where we help people believe in themselves.or the same argument can be used in all situations”.

        Build your community

        In a world where there are so many obstacles and forms of oppression, talking about yourself is activism. “You can be a woman who brags about her accomplishments in a male-dominated or ethnic-minority industry. And if you talk about something good that you have done, you will join the few voices that exist in this space and help create your own community.

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