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The city ​​hall of Toledo opened this MondaySeptember 26, deadline for the Job plan which will involve hiring 300 people. This call will be open until October 17.

This was announced by the advise job, Francois wheelwho explained can be formalized through or the various municipal registers by appointment.

As reported by Francisco Rueda, the hiring of some 300 people is planned, although “we are still waiting for the resolution of the community council”, with which this plan is co-financed, to know definitively how many workers will be incorporated.

300 positions and 2 profiles: gardening and masonry

Once the application is submitted, registrants become part of a Job exchange which will prioritize the candidates according to their merit or their personal and professional situation, among others.

are summoned two profiles. A qualified operator masonry Yes gardeningwith a gross remuneration (including extraordinary payments) of 46.48 euros per day, which represents a monthly payment €1,394; and the other category is an operator of basic functions also in gardening and masonry with a gross remuneration of 38.88 euros per day, which represents a monthly payment of €1,164.

Contracts will generally cover 6 months (180 days) of duration, “with the possibility that it is a little longer depending on the needs of the project”, explained the city councilor.

It is expected that selected start working on december.

Who can participate?

The terms general to be able to participate must be registered in the ‘Office rental‘ As a jobseeker for at least 12 months during the 18 and be between 30 and 66 years oldboth included, and do not receive any contributory benefits except for a subsidy.

You can also register under 25 or over 65 who are in the above conditions, and “have dependents” and are in the group of people in a situation of social exclusion or they have been prescribed or prioritized by employment agencies or social services.

Likewise, people between the ages of 30 and 65, both inclusive, who have contributed to the Special Regime for Independent Workers for at least two years and who are registered as job seekers in the “Employment Offices” of Castilla -La Mancha for twelve months or more and who have exhausted their termination benefit or unemployment benefit at contributory level.

Also covered by this procedure are people who, living with a the person addictedbelong to families where no member is employed and to people registered as job seekers, who have been excluded from the labor market for having been carers of dependent persons.

Priority groups

Moreover, when allocating these positions people with disabilities will be given priority “who have recognized a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% and who are unemployed or registered as job seekers”.

They will have “top priority” women who have the condition victims of gender-based violencewith the exception of those who participated in the 2019 call.

In any case, a minimum of 15% of the contracts will be formalized with this group, as Francisco Rueda explains.

On the other hand, 25% reserved of all subsidized contracts for People in a situation of social exclusion who, before being hired, were unemployed and registered as unemployed jobseekers, and of the total number of hires, at least 55% will be formalized with women.

Evaluation criteria

Once the job market is closed, the technical services of the Town Hall will evaluate and prioritize the applications on the basis of objective criteria.

The first, the uninterrupted permanence in unemploymentfor each additional period of 3 months of unemployment, beyond 12 months, will be granted 0.2 point up to a maximum of 3 points.

The second, as detailed by the employment counsellor, the disabilitythat if it is higher than 33%, 0.5 point will be awarded, and if it is higher than 34% and more, 1 point will be awarded.

And thirdly, the family income per inhabitant, which will be calculated with the sum of the gross income of all the members of the cohabitation unit, derived from the income from work and the rents obtained during the year 2020 and divided by the number members of people who live with the applicant at the same address.

In this regard, Rueda clarified that those residing and registered at the same address are considered members of the coexistence unit. “Only one person per coexistence unit can enter the Employment Plan”, he specified. Regarding per capita income and its scale will drop from 6 to zero points depending on the annual income entered.

How is the request formalized?

Finally, the employment counselor indicated that registrations can be made through the Town Hall’s website at or through the various municipal registers by appointment located at the Town Hall or in the civic centers of Santa María de Benquerencia. , Santa Barbara and Buenavista.

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