Trade unions gather in Ávila “for decent work”

The class unions of the province, CCOO and UGT organized a rally this morning in the Plaza de Santa Ana, on the occasion of the “World Day of Decent Work” to demand decent wages and jobs. “This year we come to claim the dignity of the working class,” said Javier García Hernández, provincial general secretary of the UGT, while recalling the worrying situation that workers have to face. “The Covid-19 pandemic was added to end the war that caused Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which triggered a series of events that seriously harm workers. As a consequence of this situation, the “Inflation has skyrocketed. Our province is one of the most inflationary in the country and yet the wages of workers have not increased. Month after month, we see that there is an unaffordable loss of purchasing power for most families and that many of them cannot make ends meet because they cannot pay a single bill Energy prices are the ones that have exploded the most, in addition to the prices For all this, the unions draw attention because “to reach the end of the month is impossible for more than 700,000 families in our country”.

For all these reasons, they demand that employers “sit down to the bargaining tables to close the collective agreements that have not been signed and to ensure that wage increases are made in accordance with the current level of the CPI, including the wage guarantee clause in this collective bargaining which allows workers not to continue to lose purchasing power.

Óscar García Barroso, provincial secretary general of the CCOO of the province of Ávila, stressed that decent work is the demand that today brings thousands of workers to the streets of the world for a decent salary. He recalled in his speech to the workers concentrated in the Plaza de Santa Ana that “Ávila is one of the provinces that is at the bottom of the entire state and community around the average salary. So around the average of unemployment benefits and therefore around the lowest average of pensions in our municipality”.

To all these circumstances, García Barroso denounced another factor, that “Ávila is one of the most inflationary provinces in the whole state. Inflation is not a meteorological phenomenon, that one day it rains and the other it clears. It is a reality from which some live off profits and from which the working class suffers every day.

He also demanded an increase in wages because “we must generate a distribution of wealth. We cannot go back to nurturing a crisis reality where workers are always the losers.

For all these reasons, the two unions announced that starting from the CCOO and the UGT, they would initiate a cycle of mobilizations which “will intensify in a deep way in the workplaces and will have scenarios of mobilization here and at Madrid, but which also have their own conditioning factors”, he pointed out. Garcia Barroso. And he immersed himself in this last denunciation, affirming that “a reality of persecution by the trade union movement of the representation of workers of thousands of workers affiliated to our organizations, in an autonomous framework where fascism persecutes the trade union movement, persecutes all workers and persecutes democracy. When social dialogue is persecuted, it is a foundation of our democracy that is persecuted and we are not going to allow ourselves to be intimidated. We will take to the streets to defend workers’ rights. To defend a living wage, but to defend democracy. There will be, as it always has been, the trade union movement,” stressed García Barroso.


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