Two businessmen deny before judge Pedraz having invoiced Triacom for work not carried out

  • They assure that their company did not participate in the activities investigated in this piece of the 3% case which is still under investigation

businessmen Gonzalo and Esteve Niubó Mirlast accused by the judge of the National High Court Santiago Pedraz in the piece of the 3% case in which the alleged financing of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) is investigated via television production company Triacomopted for different defense strategies. Esteve took advantage of his constitutional right not to testify and Gonzalo only agreed to answer to his attorney, which allowed him to deny any connection to the false billing conspiracy being investigated, have informed judicial sources EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA.

Gonzalo Niubó denied having anything to do with Triacom. Not even with Interiors and Reforms, the Huesca company whose owners also appeared before the judge for the alleged false billing to the television producer. He argued that his company engaged in other activities unrelated to those being investigated in the National High Court.

His testimony recalled that given in July by the owners of Interiores y Rerformas, Diego Garzón Uribe and his two sons, Diego and David Garzón López. The latter denied having knowledge of irregular practices in family businesses dedicated to the construction of installations and in which they assumed the role of simple employees, although Diego admitted the administration of some of them. Both ruled out the specific practice that the prosecution official attributes to them as contributing to the crime: made cash withdrawals.

Without justification

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The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office attached to the file, Joseph Grindahad requested the summoning of the five, because, “according to the documentation obtained from Meteocat, and the police report of April 27, 2022, there was a fraudulent and a payment from Triacom of 70,800 euros (with a maturity of February 3, 2016) despite the absence of any work or service to justify it“.

In this piece of the 3% case that remains under investigation, Judge Pedraz investigates “a singularity in the habitual pattern of behavior” followed for the illegal financing of Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya. Instead of making donations to its Catdem and Forum Barcelona foundations, as was the case in the main piece, the instruction of which is already concluded, Triacom Audiovisual was used and in particular its representative, Carbo Oriol, who was also the director of TV-3. That’s how he paid Joan Manuel Parra the debt that the party has contracted with its audiovisual production company, His rolefor the 2010 election campaign. These are 750,000 euros that Triacom paid for the benefit of the CDC via false invoices.


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