UPV ALCOY | The Alcoy campus of the UPV rewards the best end-of-study and master’s projects of the past academic year

The Alcoy Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) done this Wednesday Award ceremony for the best end-of-license (TFG) and end-of-master (TFM) projects of the past course. The prices for the Alcoi City of Knowledge Chair for the best academic results. The presidential table was formed by the director of the university campus, Paul Bernabéu; the advisor for innovation, industry and digital activities and society, Jordi Segura; and the president of the Official Association of Commercial Agents of Alcoy, Nuria Moltoon behalf of the entities and companies that sponsor the awards, as explained by sources from the university institution.

Bernabeu congratulated the winners and recalled that the Alcoy campus launched an advisory board “which includes companies and entities from the regions with which we have a close link”. Moreover, he praised the fact that the graduates “have a very high level and it is only a small representation of the work carried out and the knowledge acquired“. For his part, Jordi Segura pointed out that “the qualified professionals who left the Alcoy campus have allowed the local economic fabric is generated, which creates jobs, wealth and fixes talents and the population in the territory“. Nuria Moltó also pointed out that “the academic world without the business world has a really short life“.

Students recognized for their TFG were: Alvaro Jose Mirafor “Industrial automation of a production line using a plasma cutting robot”; Mauro Segui Ponsfor “Technical study by thermal and mechanical characterization of a thermostable polymer of bio origin obtained from chia oil”; Sergio Garcia Carrascofor “Design, development and instrumentation of a tribometer for polymeric materials”; blanca cerverafor “Strategic Plan for Cervera Alimentación”; David Munoz, for “GADE – Data analysis of the Alcoy Smart City platform and proposal of management improvements within the framework of the Smart City project; and GII – Development of software integrations, data analysis and creation of predictive models within the framework of the Alcoy smart city project and its urban platform”; Yes Marthe Balaguerfor “Korott company’s marketing plan for Powergym products”.

Regarding the TFM, the following students were rewarded: Ana Cuartasfor “Characterization of small and medium-sized enterprises based in the Valencian Community, which carry out innovation projects that result in an increase in their competitiveness”; ivan vallesfor “Use of complexed iron species for photochemical water treatment processes”; Elena Alonso, for “Effects of aging on DENIM fabric by enzymatic treatments”; Yes Leyla Nahomi Gallegos, for “Feasibility analysis of the establishment of an ecological vehicle cleaning startup: Yakuwash”. All graduates, after receiving their awards, briefly explained their projects.

Finally, the students awarded the Alcoi City of Knowledge Chair for their academic results were: Javier Rozas Martinez (Chemical Engineering), Victor Atienza Soler (Mechanical engineering), Pablo Segovia Martinez (Engineering computer Science), Adrian Vera Rosello (Electrical engineer), Lidia Montero Torro (Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development), vincent barber vega (Business administration and management), Micaela Fortea de Laburu (Business Administration and Management + Computer Engineering), Jorge Segarra Sancho (Business Administration and Management + Tourism), Ines Gaudin Martin (Master of Business Administration MBA); Ines Martinez Gonzalez (Master in Textile Engineering), Victoria Duarte Alvarado (Master in Engineering, Transformation and Characterization of Materials), and Lydia Sanchez Hernandez (Master in Organizational and Logistics Engineering).


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