VA Galleries hosts an exhibition with the works of the five grantees of the CreArt residency

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The Center for Creative Initiatives, VA Galleries hosts from October 10 to 13 an ephemeral sample with the exhibition projects in the studios of the artists selected by CreArt for the fifth edition of the Artists in Residence program: María San Miguel (Valladolid), Henar Bayón (Valladolid), Martin Romeo (Italy), Jordan Pallagès (France) and Darija Jelinčić (Croatia). His works converge from the most traditional plastic practices such as hyperrealistic drawing, landscape painting or photographic portraits, passing through the experimentation of the immaterial metaverse, and crossing the limits of the visual arts, with a series of stage performances.

The exhibition was presented by the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Ana Redondo, the aforementioned participating artists and the godmother of the residence, Elena Finat.

The Municipal Culture Foundation, through the CreArt project, continues its commitment to support the talent of emerging creators and, through this annual program, offers selected artists a trip to Valladolid, accommodation, a free studio and a scholarship to production expenses and support to develop your project for five weeks. They also had the coordination of Elena Finat as a residency mentor, who helped the artists to establish themselves in the city, organized their projects and organized cultural visits to museums, creative spaces and meetings with local creators.

Since the start of the European CreArt program in 2012, more than sixty artist residency programs have been carried out in seven European cities, benefiting more than forty artists from Valladolid. The CreArt artists’ transnational mobility programs have already been recognized as an example of good practice in the handbook published by the European Commission “Policy Handbook on Artist’s Residencies”, for their benefits both for the professional growth of artists and for the development of capacities. organizations of artists in the host city.

The exhibition can be visited on Monday 10, Tuesday 11 and Thursday 13 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Galerías Va (c/ López Gómez 28).

Performances of “I am a survivor” by María San Miguel: Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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  • MARIA SAN MIGUEL (Valladolid, 1985)

Degree in Journalism and Master in Human Sciences from Carlos III University of Madrid. In her training as an actress, her studies in theater, movement and voice at the school of Mª del Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández in Madrid stand out.

In 2010, he created Proyecto 43-2, where he produces, writes and performs. He has twice received the Drama Prize from the Diputación de Valladolid. In 2016, she received a grant from the BBVA Foundation with a grant for researchers and cultural creators and from the SGAE Foundation to participate in the V Laboratory of Dramatic Writing.

María San Miguel revisits “I’m survival” during her stay, an autobiographical documentary piece about the triumph over cancer, premiered in November at the Festival d’Automne, whose text was truncated by the death of her father in a pandemic l forcing it to be rewritten. Because in the end he does not survive: in the end, he dies and the role of survivor changes hands.

  • HENAR BAYON (Cadiz, 1996)

Graduated from the Fine Arts of Seville (2018) and Master in Art Education (2020). His paintings are influenced by popular culture, both local costumbrismo and trends that can be glimpsed in internet communities. These offer unique visions of the personal and the everyday to invite reflection between the known and the strange.

Henar Bayón seeks to enhance different spaces of the city through his particular point of view. Depicting buildings and cityscapes, he expands both Valladolid’s imagination and his own creative and thematic process – usually focused on people and objects, rather than places -, while investigating the history of these places – many of which are in danger of being abandoned, totally neglected or in decline.

  • DARIJA JELINČIĆ (Zagreb, 1979)

He graduated in sociology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. During her studies, she also studied photography at the university’s design studio. For 12 years in Prague, Darija has been working on her photographic development, discovering the long and rich Czech photographic scene. Darija combines her two interests, sociology and photography, in her work, utilizing a personal fascination with nature and human culture in her photographic expression. Darija has exhibited her work in London, Cologne, Aveiro, Kaunas, Zagreb, Prague, San Francisco, Austria, Greece and Taiwan. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists and the Association of Croatian Independent Artists.

Croatian photography pregunta sober the influence of the landscaping in culture and el entorno, centrándose en hacer tangible esta predominance de l’espacio sober el individuo y, más specíficamente, intendando desentrañar el papel que juega la presencia de los dos ríos y el canal en nuestra town.

  • JORDAN PALLAGES (Monaco, 1988)

From the School of Art, the work of the artist and scenographer Jordan Pallagès revolves around the realization of a graphic novel entitled ‘Nielsson C’, which takes shape through different mediums – such as photography, writing, sculpture, installation and drawing-, and is full of abandoned or unfinished spaces, boredom and introspection. He develops here a chapter in which he tells the story of a young artist through the postcards that the character himself draws and sends before his disappearance.

Straddling France, Italy and Germany – where he worked as a set designer for the ballet of Dresden and Monte-Carlo – Jordan graduated from the Pavillon Bosio of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Monaco in 2013 and currently lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand.

  • MARTIN ROMEO (Carrara, 1986)

While experimenting with a new environment in which the physical merges with the immaterial and in which fantasy and reality coexist on the same plane, Martin Romeo explores the concept of the “post-human” with “Human Verse”. This new species – permanent, hybrid and multiple – already generates a new virtual civilization which multiplies the interactions and the possibilities yet to be discovered. The Italian-Argentinean approach to nature, bodies, technology and the relationship between them, through dynamic sculptures, virtual reality performances and multimedia installations.

He has exhibited in international contexts and participated in several residency programs, among which the Swatch in Shanghai stands out. He is the founder and artistic director of the ‘Toolkit’ and ‘Screening’ festivals and directs the master’s degree in visual arts in the digital age at the IED of the University of Milan, and also teaches at NABA in Milan and at the ISIA in Urbino.


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