Valencia hosts the European Seminar “Challenges and Opportunities in Work Scenarios in the 21st Century”

Valencia has celebrated the last 23 and 24 days the international seminar “Challenges and Opportunities in Work Scenarios in the 21st Century”.

The organization CEAT (Spanish Center for Workers’ Affairs) brought together different European organizations belonging to EZA (Europäisches Zentrum Für Arbeitnehmerfragen), which includes more than 70 organizations across Europe, to discuss and make proposals regarding the transformation of jobs and the digital economy. A variety of officers representing political parties, trade unions, universities and different European Union countries participated.

The main topics of the debate focused on technology as an element of change, the incorporation of artificial intelligence to maintain and improve the well-being society and the risks we also assume with regard to the lack of privacy and security in digital environments. The conversation also focused on the need to adapt vocational training to the real needs of the market and to directly link STEM to these studies due to the high number of jobs that exist and will arise in these subjects.


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