VIDEO. Meghan Markle is ashamed of her job as a stewardess in the Canadian ‘Voilà’

Meghan Markle was very ashamed of one of her first television jobs, as a flight attendant in ‘Deal or no deal’, a Canadian version of ‘Allá tú’

New controversy that splashes the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle, on the latest episode of her ‘Archetypes’ podcast, opened up about one of her first television jobs that undoubtedly puts her even more to shame: stewardess in the briefcase program which in Spain was called ‘Allá tú’, and which in Canada took the name ‘Deal or no deal’.

While chatting with Paris Hilton, his latest guest on his radio show, Meghan Markle said she felt “foolish” while opening briefcases with silver figures. She said it was a job where she only felt appreciated “for her image” and not for “what she had to offer”. This stirred her up, to the point that she only endured 34 tapings, before handing in her resignation letter. She didn’t want to be treated like a pretty face and a pretty body again, so much so that this job wasn’t listed on her resume on IMDB, the largest television and movie database; where other works by Meghan Markle appear, such as her episodes in “Sensation of living” or “CSI Miami”; in addition to the series where he had more weight, ‘Suits’.

The Duchess of Sussex is not at all proud of this profession which she had not spoken of until now. And he did it under the worst possible conditions, hence your former colleagues from the program felt challenged and wanted to give their opinion“I’ve never felt like she says, it’s a shame that she felt like that. But, in my case, it never happened to me. They maintain that, contrary to what their ex-partner, who ended up marrying British royalty, she never existed”a bra station”, where the hostesses put padding. “We were never treated like ‘bimbos’ (pretty goofs)”, in reference to the specific title of the podcast episode: “Ending the ‘Bimbo'”.

Since the last show was about women who are looked down on in some way for their appearance and who are only considered for their looks, not their ideas or what they have to contribute, Meghan invited the blonde who built an entire empire when many thought he couldn’t link two words together. Paris Hilton has been vilified for her image, her voice or her tastes. Where many saw a “laughing stock,” the ultimate cliché of the dumb blonde; She was responsible for launching dozens of programs under her label, as well as countless products: hair extensions, beauty tools or a fashion brand. A successful businesswoman who is rarely considered and whom Maghan wanted to give her place, but she did so in a way that many felt was an attack. A contempt for your work.

Meghan Markle, in her last job as an actress in ‘Suits’

Woophi Goldberg attacks Meghan Markle

And if Meghan Markle’s former companions dotted the i’s, the actress also Woophi Goldberg wanted to give her opinion on The View, where she defended the other hostesses, validating her feelings. “I don’t know what the people sitting there think of you, but I’m sure they’re thinking ‘I want the money,'” he said, speaking directly to the Duchess of Sussex . “Maybe being treated like an object comes down to you and how you think these women were portrayed, and that’s precisely what you need to change.”. The interpreter of ‘Ghost’ wanted to refer to the job they both shared. “When you’re an actress, you accept the challenge. You accept the job. Sometimes you have to be in a clown costume, with a big nose, but that’s the way it is. We’re not journalists. We’re actors. “

Finally, the last dialectical hook with which he finished off the woman who once changed the scenarios of a marriage with an English prince: “If you felt so bad, maybe you wouldn’t want other women also feel bad when you do. “All they do is try to make a living.” We already know who won’t be the next guest at ‘Archetypes’.

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