War in Ukraine, stories of stowaways and fake news: three works by Argentinians win the Gabo Awards 2022

Coverage of the first weeks of war in ukraine recorded by photographer Rodrigo Abd; a podcast by Nicolás Maggi about the story of a young punk musician who was arrested on a charge of which he was innocent; and texts by Ricardo Robins with two parallel stories of stowaways won the Gabo Award 2022. Of the five works selected in different categories, three were made by Argentine journalists, including two by Rosario, Maggi and Robins. The other two belong to teams from Portugal and Guatemala.

In the yard of his home, Vlad Tanyuk, 6, stands by the grave of his mother Ira Tanyuk, who died of hunger and stress from war, outside kyiv, Ukraine, (AP Photo /Rodrigo abd)Rodrigo Abd – AP

Out of a total of 1,980 requests, the Gabo Foundation chose five in the Text, Cover, Image, Audio and Photography categories. In the new Audio category, the prize went to “The Second Death of the Punk God”, produced by Erre Podcast. It presents a non-fiction story that took place a few years ago in Rosario, in which is told the tragic experience of Javier Messina, known as “Punk God”, a punk rock street musician who was canceled with a virtual and media escrache. by an accusation of which he was innocent. Some time later, the musician commits suicide by jumping into the void from the balcony of a building.

Volunteers load the bodies of civilians killed in Bucha onto a truck to take them to a morgue for investigation, outside Kyiv, Ukraine.
Volunteers load the bodies of civilians killed in Bucha onto a truck to take them to a morgue for investigation, outside Kyiv, Ukraine.Rodrigo Abd – AP

In photography, Abd was chosen as the winner for coverage of the first five weeks of the war in Ukraine, for The Associated Press. The photo essay is titled “The Silent Pain of Ukraine” and reveals the drama of war from very different scenarios that record the experience of war: a child near the grave of his mother who died of starvation and stress, unidentified bodies in body bags, a dog on a deserted road, or a woman walking with her dog through the rubble of a collapsed building.

According to the jury, it is “an impeccable synthesis of the most important event of our time. A remarkable work on the journalistic and aesthetic level: it tells in depth what it must tell while composing impeccable images, charged with a very brutal lyricism or an almost lyrical brutality”, indicates the judgment signed by the journalist and writer. Martin CaparrosEcuadorian photojournalist Pablo Corral Vega and Mexican artist and photographer Tania Franco Klein.

In 2013, Abd won the Pulitzer Prize in the “Breaking News” category for his team coverage of the armed conflict in Syria.

In the text category, the winner was “El stowaway and the captain”, by Robins, a graphic story that tells two parallel stories of stowaways, published in six episodes for Rosario3. On the one hand, that of Bernard Joseph, who from Tanzania began a journey of clandestine emigration, which would take him to Rosario, and on the other, that of Captain Florin Filip, who after setting sail for the Congo with the RM Power, find stowaways on your boat.

The authors of the five categories will participate in the Gabo Journalism Festival, which will be held for the first time in ten years of history, in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October, and will be crossed by the 40th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to the writer Gabriel García Márquez, creator in 1995 of the foundation that today organizes the most emblematic festival of journalistic chronicles in Ibero-America.


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