What an example! Moms win the course and show that there are no “men’s jobs”

Susana Porras Nunez put aside his prejudices Yes fears and learned to drive a forklifta job that many mistakenly regard as “for men”.

She, aged 37 and resident of a conflict zone located between La Guácima and San Rafael de Alajuela, assures that she has many wishes for overcome.

“Where I live, there are problems of crime and drugs, but many people who live there want make a change. I have four children, three boys, ages 22, 19 and 9, and a 7-year-old wife, and I want the best for them,” the fighter said.

This bracelet is part of the group of women what did you receive 100% scholarships thanks to an alliance concluded between MATRA and DHL.

They graduated with her Jeraldín Bracho Chirinos, Yendri Carvajal Méndez, Gabriela Mena Castillo, Robersy Saraiz Gudiño De Prieto, Kathy Massiel Flores, Angelica Marín Segura, Ana Karina Ortega Amador and Silvia Vargas Murillo.

Before taking the course, Susanna work as a collection in the warehouses of a supermarket.

The woman from Alajuela follows the social networks of Fundación Mujer and there she discovered the Scholarships they were delivering and wrote to say she was interested.

“At first they told me that there were no more plots available, but after a week they contacted me and told me that there were places available and that I had been selected, I felt so bliss“, he recalls.

The dreamer made the difficult decision to leave work to fully immerse yourself in the training.

Her husband, Jordan Campos, was unemployed at the time, but luckily got one so he could support the family and support Susana while she trained.

Even though Susana really wanted to start the new challengeHe had no experience, since he had never driven a motorcycle, which generated insecurebut he tried anyway.

“The first day I got on the forklift, I kept staring at it and asked the instructor, ‘Now what do I do?’ laughed, but without making fun of them, they always supported.

“I learned from zero and it wasn’t easy, at one point I felt I wasn’t going to make it, I had trouble stacking things highcalculating the goods was not something easy, but the teacher, who also became my friend, told me to calm down, have peace and breathe and that I had the ability to do it” , did he declare.

Susana says that now she feels happy to have completed the course and already have her forklift driving license.

“The nerves were thrown away, now I just enjoy when I drive the forkliftit’s all a matter of practice.

“Many people have told me how can I get into men’s thingsbut I didn’t listen to them and I’m glad I didn’t, because I showed myself that I had the ability to do what I wanted, you have to leave your fears behind and dare to be different, ” she says.

Jeraldin Bracho is another of the courageous women who have taken up the challenge of becoming forklift driver; He is 36 years old and was born in Venezuela, but three years ago he came to Costa Rica with his family. It is close to Alajuela.

She also saw the advertisement for the Scholarships through Fundación Mujer and applied hopefully.

“I have two children, a 15-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl, and it’s thanks to them that I did this, they are my driving force. It was not an easy process, I had to stop working at the bakery where I helped immerse myself in it completely.

“Although thanks to stock Exchange I didn’t have to pay anything during the training, I had to figure out how to support my family, because I am the head of the family, so I sold times in various positions to progress during these months of training,” he said.

The brandie woman says she has spoken to her children several times to explain to them that they sacrifices and limits they were living were temporary, and the decision to take the training was made to find a way to give them a better future and they still they understood and supported.

“The day they gave me the B3 license, the first thing I did was call my children and they were all happy. On the day of the graduation, my daughter accompanied me, she was very happy and it filled me with satisfaction to see her like that, it was really worth it”.

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