What are the best paid jobs in Argentina?

Management positions: Industrial, Plant HR, IT and Commercial are among the best paid. What will the 2023 increases look like?

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10/14/2022 – 08:59

What are the best paid jobs in argentina? This is a key question in an inflationary, post-pandemic context and with the vagaries of the Argentine economy.

The posts of Management: Industrial, HR Plant, IT and Commercial They are among the highest paid in the country. In contrast, in the Patagonia region, the highest salaries are usually paid.

Adecco Argentina conducted a survey to provide up-to-date data on the Argentine labor market, to serve as a reference. He consulted… the companies on the wages paid from August this year.

Salaries 2022: equal

According to the Market Expectations Survey (MER) conducted regularly by the Central Bank, Inflation of 95% is forecast for the whole year.

August posted a consumer price index (CPI) of 7%, with a cumulative figure in 8 months of 56.4%, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC). According to private consultants, September will continue with significant price increases.

Salaries 2022: the joint ventures have been reopened

Salaries 2022: the joint ventures have been reopened

In this context, the closed parities So far they have the following features:

  • The paritarias that closed in the first quarter did so, in general, with an average adjustment of less than 50% with a review clause.
  • Those who negotiated adjustments in the second quarter approached 60%, also with the reopening.
  • In the second part of the year, the parities were reopened with the aim of bringing the already defined increases closer to inflation.

So far, the average parity adjustment is around 56%. This average will increase towards the end of the year and will reach an indicator closer to 65%, indicated Adecco..

Better paying jobs in Argentina

According to the survey carried out by Adecco Argentina, the following data could be known about the best paid jobs in Argentina:

An industrial plant manager

A factory manager is one of the highest paying jobs in Argentina

  • Industrial Manager in Patagonia he earns between $474,043 a month in a small business and nearly $1,500,000 in a large one.
  • Finance & Legal: Branch Account Manager Semi Senior earns nearly $367,500 a month in a small business in Patagonia. And nearly $378,000 for a large.
  • Industrial: Plant HR Manager He earns nearly $440,000 a month at a small Patagonian company, and nearly $1,276,669 at a large one.
  • The salary of a IT Manager in Buenos Aires it can range from 456,000 pesos per month in a small organization to over $1,500,000 in a larger one.
  • medical science: The salary of a technical director in Buenos Aires in a small company is $535,200 per month, and reaches up to $1,092,000 in a large company.
  • Office: one Head of Labor Relations in Patagonia in a small business he earns just over $294,000 and in a large one nearly $680,000.
  • petroleum gas: a project engineer receives nearly $350,000 in a small company in Patagonia up to $875,000 in a large company.
  • Sales and Marketing: The salary of a sales manager ranges from just over $568,000 at a small company in Patagonia to just over $1,615,000 at a large one.

The highest paying IT jobs

IT – IT Manager

Salaries of an IT Manager according to Adecco Argentina

IT Manager Salaries, According to Adecco Argentina

Considered the stars of the job market, upgraded during the pandemic and having great difficulty obtaining their widely appreciated services. The salary for an information technology manager in Buenos Aires can range from 456,000 pesos at a small company to over $1,500,000 at a large company.

Sales & Marketing – Sales Manager

It is he who directs the sales activities. Plan, organize and control the implementation and execution of programs and evaluate the results according to specific sales policies, maximizing profit margins.

In this sector, salaries can range from 320,000 pesos in a small company in Buenos Aires to a maximum of 4 million in a large company.

Salaries of an IT Manager according to Adecco Argentina

Sales Manager Salaries, According to Adecco Argentina

Semi-Senior Specialized Operator

It is the person who performs general production, administration and/or maintenance services in various areas of the company, following predetermined instructions and with activities under direct supervision.

In this case, salaries vary between almost 107,000 pesos in a small company in Buenos Aires and can reach almost 215,000 in a large company.

Salaries of an IT Manager according to Adecco Argentina

Salaries of a Semi Senior Specialized Operator, according to Adecco Argentina

Salary increases 2023

The REM projections on inflation in Argentina for the coming years speak of a CPI up 76.6% for 2023 and 60% for 2024.

Given the current situation, it is a huge challenge to project salary budgets for the rest of the year and for years to come. Companies are talking about salary adjustments for 2023 of no less than 65%, although some are considering up to 80%.

This uncertainty leads many talents, especially in high-demand, low-supply roles, to migrate to the independent marketin order to better control their income and negotiate their fees in dollars.

“Based on the data we have obtained for this Guide, companies are planning a average increase for 2023 of 84.1% with a mode (most repeating value) of 63.1%”said Adecco.

“If we compare with the data for 2022, the indicators are similar. It seems that companies consider that next year, salary adjustments will be similar to those of this year,” they condemned.


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