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The financial sector is the one the best salaries paid in the country, according to a study conducted by empleo.com with the support of the consulting firm Talent Advisor. He also concludes that there is a significant wage difference in the salary a technologist could earn compared to a technician, or a professional compared to someone who has completed a specialization.

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A person with a technician in the financial sector can have a salary of around $2,200,000. When we talk about the financial sector, we refer to programs such as finance and accounting, economics, business administration, banking and insurance, etc.

Among the results, it was also shown that the second sector with the best salaries is technology and telecommunications. The software development sector rebounded this year, ranking third in the top payers compared to previous years. A person with a software development technologist can earn a salary of around $2,800,000.

It can be seen that the areas that have progressed the most in their level of payment between 2021 and 2022 are technology (focus is on development and infrastructure charges) and marketing areas. The general compensation market increased by 6.67%

“It’s important to understand that companies’ compensation and benefits strategies need to go beyond salary, to know what other types of incentives can improve work team satisfaction and engagement levels, and how those These compare to similar companies they work in. They are found, whether by industry, size or geographic location,” says Alejandro Ordóñez, director of elempleo.com.

The time is approaching for many young high school graduates to make the decision to choose the sector in which they want to work and to understand what they want to study. That’s why with this Salary Points Survey 2022-2023 they will be able to find out how the salaries are in the Colombian labor market.

Regarding the Health sector, in 2022 wages increased by 14.25% compared to the years 2020 and 2021. Among the sectors with the lowest level of remuneration are Agriculture and Entertainment, these with a salary 60% lower than that of a financier.

In Canada, a technologist (person who completes at least six semesters of a university program) can receive up to $500,000 more than a technician (person who completes at least four semesters). A professional (person who takes at least eight semesters) can increase their salary up to 2 million compared to a technologist.

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Looking at regions, professionals in Bogotá earn an average of $160,000 more than people with the same level of education in Medellín, while people on the Caribbean coast with the same level of education earn almost $160,000 more. a million less than the professionals in Bogota.

According to figures from the Ministry of Education, every year 450,000 high school graduates graduate in Colombia and of these, only 39.7% go on to higher education. Many young people wish to access technical, technological or vocational education in order to be able to find their place in the labor market, however, in the country, almost 40% of the active population has no type of study or simply an education. primary base, but it is obvious that with training, salaries can improve.

This survey is fed by the delivery of information from at least 500 companies that share data on the salaries, bonuses and benefits they give to their employees to analyze the values ​​of their salaries. Companies that participate in the survey get a collection of analyzed and reliable data where they can see how the market is changing and what salaries are offered for a specific position.

(This is the formula with which the Gilinskis built their emporium)

I consider that inflation will be around 12.5%, so I calculate that the minimum wage negotiation will be between 13% and 15%

The analysis is composed of the effective monthly remuneration, i.e. base, incentives, performance bonuses, commissions, extra-legal payments, among others.

During this survey, the salaries in different positions of small, medium and large companies in the main and intermediate cities of the country such as Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Medellín, Manizales, Pereira, Bucaramanga, among others, were studied . . These are found in different sectors to determine the results that can provide companies with information on how they are paid in the market and thus determine the salaries of the company’s personnel.

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During this 2022, the salary in Colombia has increased by 10.07% compared to 2021raising the legal minimum wage to $1,000,000.

María Alejandra Osorio, executive director of ACOPI Bogotá, assures that this year inflation is more relevant than other years in relation to the allocation of the current legal minimum wage for 2023.

“I think inflation will be around 12.5%, so I’m calculating minimum wage bargaining will be between 13% and 15%,” Osorio said.

However, it will be necessary to wait until December to determine the exact amount of the increase.

According to figures from the Department of Labor, In Colombia, 58.1% of employed people earn minimum wage ($1,000,000) or less.

How are the salaries of people with technical education?

These are people with at least four semesters of training. With the analysis, it was concluded that a position that requires this title offers on average half the salary of what a professional with the same years of experience can earn. This means that someone with a technical degree, three years of experience and a salary of $2,000,000, if they had a professional title and the same experience, could qualify for a salary of $4,000,000. This shows how companies consider years of experience and level of education when defining their compensation models.

When we compare the salaries of this level of education by sector, we see that in commerce, people with a technical diploma earn 7% less than the general average, while positions that require this level of studies in software development earn 6.25% more, as well as manufacturing. and industry with 4.33% above the average.

The six sectors with the best payouts for people with a technician are software development in first place, followed by finance, manufacturing and industry, technology, services and commerce. Here, it should be understood that technology refers to companies that sell technology support services and software development refers to companies that develop applications.

How are the salaries of people with the level of education of technologists?

Technologist-level positions, meaning people with at least six semesters of college, can have an average pay difference of 10% more than technicians.

When we compare this difference by sector, in services, these technologist positions earn 6.9% less than the overall average for positions that require technologists. Positions that require this level of education in software development and manufacturing and industry are 6.33% higher on average, meaning they pay the best.

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How are the salaries of people with a professional level of training?

A person with a professional versus a technologist can earn double the salary.

A person with a professional versus a technologist can earn double the salary.

Not all sectors or companies need specialist people, but the positions that require this title are generally from the levels of zone coordinator. Depending on the industry, someone with this level of education and at least 3 years of experience can earn up to 150% more than someone with just a professional degree.

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When we compare this difference by sector, in software development and technology they are 4.96 and 8.6% higher than the average salary payments, however, in manufacturing and industry these charges are lower by 9.28% to the general average.

How are the salaries of the specialized people?

By comparing positions in different sectors that require specialization and at least eight years of experience, it was found that the software developer and finance sectors have better payouts than the general market, in sectors such as services, they can pay 14.86% less than the general market.

It is very important to remember that for this analysis, three major factors were taken into account:

1. The minimum level of education required by organizations to hire a position.
2. The years of total experience that the position requires at least in organizations.
3. The data is expressed in terms of effective monthly remuneration, which includes all the payments that the employee can receive during the year (fixed payments + variable payments + legal and extra-legal social benefits).

From empleo.com it was seen the need for companies to know how a company’s salaries compare to the rest of the market in order to develop a compensation strategy.

“Otherwise, there may be difficulties when looking for new talent or even worse, it may not be possible to retain people and achieve high turnover rates,” explains Alejandro Ordóñez, director from elempleo.com.

This is the first part of the findings of the elempleo.com salary study. This study can be purchased in its entirety by contacting [email protected]

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