What are the highest paying jobs in the oil industry

Faced with an inflationary context, the human resources company Adecco Argentina conducted a survey to obtain updated data on the Argentine labor market and in particular, in the Oil&Gas industry. In this way, they seek that “serves as a reference both in terms of salary as profits for the rest of the year and for 2023″.

The projections of the Survey of Market Expectations (REM) on inflation in Argentina speak of a Consumer price index of 76.6% by 2023 and 60% by 2024. In the current situation, “it is a huge challenge to project salary budgets for the rest of the year and for years to come,” they pointed out from Adecco.

Thus, “companies talk about salary adjustments for 2023 not less than 65%, even if some consider it up to 80%, ”they assured. These percentages indicate that companies “consider that next year, salary adjustments will be similar to this year“.

In particular, the study carried out on the oil and gas industry take back seven jobs. Among them is Field DD, also known as the Field Engineer, who is the one who plans and assembles the drilling tools for the wells and official instrumentalist or electrician.

They also looked at machinist/hydrocrane/telescopic salaries; Well Control Instructor; Field MWD, which manages measurements while drilling; project engineer and field service quality coordinator.

Nationally, the industry’s highest-paying small business job is Project engineer. In the province of Buenos Aires, the salary can reach a maximum of 966,229 pesos, while the minimum in the same region is 271,401 pesos. In the case of a medium-sized company, the highest paid salary It is obtained by Field MWD in Patagoniawith a maximum of 640,683 pesos and a minimum of 440,809 pesos.

In the case of a company qualified as large, the the project engineer is the one who receives the highest salarycan reach a maximum of 875,000 pesos, while the minimum would be 640,996 pesos. These values ​​are also present in Patagonia.

Salaries in the oil industry in Patagonia

In particular, the Patagonia is one of the regions with the highest salaries taking into account that most of the oil provinces are located, including Neuquén with the Vaca Muerta formation. However, in positions such as instrumental officer/electrician, the region offers the lowest salaries in the country.

In the case of Field Service Quality Coordinatorin the small company, the minimum is 225,226 pesos while the maximum is 876,259. In the medium-sized company, it is surpassed by Centro, which has a maximum salary of 605,350. In the large companies, it is exceeded by the province of Buenos Aires (maximum of 576,720) and Centro (maximum of 597,056).

Regarding the Project Engineer in Patagonia is where the highest salaries are recorded. In small companies, the minimum for this item is 349,153 pesos while the maximum is 609,613, surpassed by Buenos Aires with 966,229. As for the medium-sized company, the minimum is 526,640 pesos and the maximum is 628,845 pesos. Large companies offer minimum 640,996 and maximum 875,000.

The instructor of control well in small business receives a minimum of 327,346 pesos and a maximum of 580,000. In medium-sized businesses, the minimum is 493,512 while the maximum exceeds 612,634 pesos. Meanwhile, in large companies, the lowest salary is 556,860 pesos and the maximum is 734,460 pesos. It is positioned as the region that pays the most for this position.

Respect to Instrumentalist/Electrician OfficerPatagonia is positioned as the region with the lowest salaries. In the small company, you receive a minimum of 95,591 and a maximum of 147,371. In the medium-sized company, the minimums are 125,765 pesos while the maximums reach 152,887. maybe lower 145,625 pesos while the highest is 189,452.

The Machinists/Hydrogue/Telescopic loader in the small company located in Patagonia, they obtain a minimum of 85,349 pesos and a maximum of 131,581, being the lowest salary compared to other regions. In the medium-sized company, the values ​​increase: at the minimum it receives 148,009 pesos, and at the maximum it exceeds 195,539.

Already in large companies, the salary for machinists is midway between regions: the minimum is 195,620 while the maximum is 305,842 exceeded by Buenos Aires and the unified region of Northeast and Northwest Argentina (NEA/NOA).

Regarding the Field DD, the small company offers a minimum salary of 297,587 pesos while the maximum is 426,000; the medium-sized company has a minimum of 448,647 pesos and a maximum of 556,940. In SMEs, the Patagonia region is the one with the highest salaries. In large companies, the minimum is 506,236 pesos, while the maximum reaches 758,600, surpassed by Buenos Aires, only by 10,000 pesos.

Finally, the last post deleted is that of MWD fieldwhich in the small business of Patagonia can receive a minimum of 335,854 pesos and a maximum of 488,139. ​​In the medium-sized business, these values ​​rise to a minimum of 440,809 pesos and a maximum of 640,683 In large companies, they scale up to a minimum of 533,169 and a maximum of 774,921. This is another of the highest salary positions offered in Patagonia.

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