What are the jobs with the best salaries in Argentina: they pay up to 4 million dollars?

Inflation is the number one enemy of wages. With economists forecasting prices rising by around 100% in 2022, according to the Central Bank’s latest Market Expectations (REM) survey, many households are struggling to make ends meet. However, in a country where the minimum wage does not even cover the basic food basket, some jobs allow you to earn up to $4 million per month.

The data comes from a survey carried out by Adecco Argentina on the Argentine labor market, in order to serve as a benchmark in terms of salary and benefits for the rest of the year and for 2023. For the coming year, companies are planning salary adjustments of no less than 65%, and in some cases they reach 80%.

“Uncertainty leads to a lot of talent, especially in roles that are in high demand and not very available, to migrate to the freelance market, in order to better control their income and negotiate their fees in dollars. A clear example of this is the increase in the number of self-employed and single-tax workers who have registered with AFIP in recent times,” they noted.

However, within the labor market, certain positions stand out. One of the best payouts in Argentina is that of Sales and Marketing, Responsible for organizing and controlling the implementation and execution of programs aimed at maximizing company profit margins. The salary of a commercial manager can range from $320,000 in a small business in Buenos Aires, up to a maximum of $4 million in a large company.

The salary may vary depending on the size of the company and the geographical area where you reside. For instance, this same manager in a large company in Patagonia earns 1.6 million dollars, $1 million in the Cuyo region, $923,000 in the center and $879,876 in the north of the country.

Another of the highest paying jobs is IT manager. To work in a small and medium-sized company, the most tempting offers are in Patagonia, where the minimum is $438,980 and the maximum is $598,330. On the other hand, in large companies, Buenos Aires is convenient, since workers in this position take $685,420 to $1,584,000 out of their pockets.

For comparison, this same position, in a large company, is paid up to a maximum of $1,137,160 in Patagonia; center, $1,129,830; in Of which, $630,748; Yes in the North region, $534,220. “Considered the stars of the job market, they have been upgraded during the pandemic and with great difficulty obtaining their widely appreciated services,” the report adds.

One of the highest paying jobs is that of an IT manager.

In the industrial field, a purchasing and logistics manager You can earn between $282,684 (Northern Argentina) and $598,626 (Cuyo) in a small business. On the other hand, in a large company, the maximum salaries vary between $497,048 (north) and $1,046,279 (Buenos Aires metropolitan area).

As, a human resources manager in the factory receives up to $588,227 per month if he works for a Patagonian SME, while this AMBA worker receives $458,479. In a large company, maximum salaries are $1,276,669 and $1,000,612 respectively.

In the office area, a labor relations officer He earns just over $294,000 in Patagonia for a small business, and nearly $680,000 for a large business. While working in finance and legal, a semi-senior branch business agent who resides in the same region bills $367,500 in an SME and $378,000 in a large one.

The other of the highest paying jobs is technical director, in medicine and science. A small business employee in Buenos Aires can earn $535,200; whereas in a society, amounts to $1,092,000.

Finally, there is the category of gas and oil. According to the Adecco survey, a project engineer working in Patagonia, he earns close to $350,000 if it’s for a small company, and up to $875,000 if it’s for a large company.


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