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How much are Lidl employees paid? The remuneration received in this chain of supermarkets is governed by the company’s collective agreement. Document in which they are appreciated the salary differences received by each of the employees according to the group to which they belong. In general, the company offers its employees a range of basic salary between 1,209 euros and 1,939.85 euros gross per month.

Below you can check the basic salary of each of the employees of the Lidl supermarket chain, as well as the supplements to which they are entitled and the salary revision planned for 2023, in case you are interested in sending the CV to Lidl .

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What is the salary of Lidl employees

the The salary received by employees of the supermarket chain will depend on several factors.. The type of contract, working hours or position in question, among others. Although the greatest differentiation is found in the salaries of employees who belong to the different occupational groups or categories to which each type of work falls.

More specifically, the company’s collective agreement establishes distinguish a total of 2 professional groups, group III, where employees such as cashiers or store restockers are classified and, on the other hand, group II, which is divided into three professional levels. This is the group that includes middle managers, managers and managers.

Salary of the different Lidl groups and professions

The basic salary received by Lidl employees is detailed per hour and per year in the collective agreement. Nail figure which is divided into 14 payments and which after the last revision of the year 2022 is as follows:

  • The salary of workers in group III, which is the most basic category of the company, amounts to 9.43 euros per hour. The total annual salary is 16,927 euros divided into 14 installments, two of which are extraordinary. per month, that means a salary of 1,209.07 euros gross.
  • Occupational group II, which includes intermediate positions, has an hourly wage of between 10.86 euros and 15.13 euros. This range is due to the fact that a total of three professional levels are distinguished within group II. This is why the annual salary of this group is in the range between 19,171 and 27,158 euros. In monthly figures, this represents a salary of 1,369.35 and 1,939.85 euros gross per month.
Sales area Logistics area Office space
Occupational group Professional level Annual salary salary hour Annual salary salary hour Annual salary salary hour
II Yo €27,158 15,13 € €27,158 15,13 € €25,500 €14.20
II €22,366 €12.46
€23,443 €13.06
€25,022 €13.94
II €19,171 €10.86 €19,171 €10.68
II €16,927 €9.43 €16,927 €9.43 €16,927 €9.43

Thus, in the sales area of ​​supermarkets, employees receive a salary of between 16,927 euros and 27,158 euros per year. The same figures apply to the logistics area and the difference is found in the office section, where the salary for group III is the same, 16,927 euros per year, but the highest salary in this case is 25,500 euros per year for the most responsible. leadership position in this section.

Salary review for 2023

As detailed in the company’s collective agreement, for the year 2023 a revision of 2.5 is applied to the base salary, 2% being consolidated.

Salary supplements for Lidl employees

The basic salary detailed in this information is that received by the workers of each of the groups to which different additional allowances may apply. In concrete terms, the bonuses that the various Lidl employees can obtain to increase their remuneration are the following:

  • personal complementwhich varies according to the specific conditions of each employment contract and each employee.
  • workwhich applies according to the specificities of each job.
  • Functional, activity or circumstantialwhich are amounts they receive due to the performance of specific tasks or work in certain locations.
  • by night. An increase of 25% of the base salary is applied for each hour or fraction worked during the time period between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • Liability supplements.
  • Complement of cold rooms. To work in negative cold rooms and stay there for at least three hours or 50% of your day, you benefit from an increase of 25% of this premium.

extraordinary payments

The annual remuneration received by Lidl employees, as established in the agreement, is paid in 14 installments, two of which are extraordinary. The summer allowance is paid in June and the Christmas allowance in December. The amount of such payments is the same as the salary received per month.

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