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08.12.2022 – 3:15 p.m. Updated on 08.12.2022 – 15:19h

How much do Mercadona employees earn? After the last increase applied in 2022, the gross monthly salary is within a range of between 1,425 euros and 1,928 euros minimum wage. The lowest salary is received by those who have worked for the company for less than a year, while the highest is received by employees with more than 4 years of seniority.


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This wage differentiation is a direct consequence of the fact that the remuneration of Mercadona employees is directly linked to seniority in the company, that is, during the years they worked for the company. That is to say that in the official figures of the company, published in the Official Journal, the differentiations are not established by function, but by seniority. Indeed, the general rule is that new workers at Mercadona start at the lowest positions and gradually rise over time and experience.

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6.5% salary increase in 2022

The latest data published on the Mercadona website on the salaries of its employees indicate the gradual increase in remuneration according to seniority. Specifically, the minimum wage that any employee receives during the first year of employment with Mercadona, starting from the 6.5% increase approved in January 2022amounts to 1,425 euros.

This is an increase which is amplified in connection with the rise in the CPI, with which employees who have been in the company for less than a year receive 86.97 euros (i.e. 87 euros) more only in 2021.

Table of salaries in 2022

This increase applies to all employees of its staff, as the company announced in a press release, therefore, salaries, according to seniority in the company, have the following values:

antiquity Less than a year 2 years 3 years more than 4 years
Gross / month €1,425 €1,565.55 €1,737.01 €1,928.71
net / month €1,275.87 €1,347.22 €1,448.40 €1,584.72

The data in the table are figures that reflect the salary divided into 12 monthly installments and result from the application of a 6.5% increase to each of them, taking as reference the data on the salary that the workers received until this increase and you can consult this table.

Salary of Mercadona employees

In view of the detailed figures, a basic worker starts earning 1,275.87 euros net per month. At the end of his third year in the company, he already earns 1,448.40 euros net. Whereas if an employee has been with the company for more than four years, he will have a net monthly salary of 1,584.72 euros.

As can be seen in the table, the salary of Mercadona workers directly depends on their seniority. To these salaries must be added the bonuses or supplements from which they benefit. Workers who have been with the company for up to four years receive a bonus (a monthly payment) and those who have been with the company for five years or more receive two bonuses.

How much does a full-time Mercadona employee earn?

A full-time employee receives the wages we detailed in the previous section from the first day they start working.

How much does a part-time Mercadona employee earn?

Part-time Mercadona employees receive a specific salary based on the number of hours worked per week, as well as the days they have to report for work. Concretely, Mercadona distinguishes between the different part-time contracts it offers:

  • 20-hour contract from Monday to Saturday, with weekly shifts of five working days and two days off. These workers have a gross monthly salary of 712 euros.
  • A 20-hour contract, three working days a week, as needed with gross monthly salary of 712 euros.
  • 15-hour weekend contract between Friday and Saturday, with a salary of 534 euros gross per month.

In all cases, the contract is subject to salary progression.

premium collection

In 2021, the supermarket chain distributed 409 million euros in premiums to its employees for their efforts during the pandemic. This additional remuneration received by all workers in the company represents on average 4,500 euros per employee.

Of the 409 million, 366 are a bonus for objectives which are granted in March 2021, to which are added the 43 million already received in April 2020 for recognition and commitment during the health crisis.

From here you can register to work at Mercadona.

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