what jobs can you get into without being a professional and how much do they pay

Historically Spain was one of main destinations chosen by the Argentines for start a new lifemainly due to speech. In recent years, this migratory flow has increased due to the economic crisis that the country is going through.

The search for a better quality of life and opportunities for economic growth are the main reasons why Argentines decide to move to Spain, but finding a job is the first challenge and often the main obstacle to being able to settle and stay.

Although the technology sector is currently the protagonist of the world of work whose professionals are most in demand and best paid, there are also other areas with unfilled job vacancies in Spain and for those who no university degree required.

Historically, Spain was one of the main destinations chosen by Argentines to start a new life. Photo: Archive

Live and work legally in Spain

According to Immigration lawto work in the European country if you do not have Spanish nationality or the nationality of another European country, you must have a work and residence visawhich allows you to exercise a job or a professional activity, salaried or self-employed, and also to reside.

But before making a decision, it is essential to first know in which areas there are today more investment opportunitiesgiven that as a result of the pandemic, the lack of employment and the precarious wages They are also a problem in Spain today.

What workers does Spain need and how much do they pay?

After the buildingthe transportation This is the sector where the demand is the strongest. In Spain alone, between 5,000 and 10,000 truck transporters are missing, according to the Spanish Organization of Logistics and Transport Companies (UN). There are also opportunities, albeit on a smaller scale, in the gastronomy and hotel.

In general, according to the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, approximately 10% of job offers remain unfilled in the European country due to working conditions. And in the European Union as a whole, almost 30,000 million euros a year are lost because there is not enough human capital available across its borders, according to data provided by the Institute. German for economic research.

The Minimum wage Interprofessional (SMI) of Spain is 1000 euros per month, fixed amount from June 2022. This value is calculated on the basis of the division of 14 annual salaries. Therefore, it is estimated that workers earn approximately 14,000 euros per year.

If you do not have European citizenship, to work in Spain it is necessary to have a work and residence visa.  Photos: Alfredo Martinez.

If you do not have European citizenship, to work in Spain it is necessary to have a work and residence visa. Photos: Alfredo Martinez.

Transport and logistics

1). Drivers: The salary of a truck driver evolves in several aspects, but on average, a salaried truck driver in Spain earns around 29,400 euros gross per year, that is, he earns between 1,400 and 1,600 euros net per month. In the case of a self-employed trucker, wages are approximately €2,000 per month.

This is a salary 22% higher than the average annual salary in Spain and, in addition, with bonuses and additional payments, truck drivers can earn 55,000 euros gross per year, an average of €2,747.90 per month.

of them). Train conductor: is the person in charge of circulating a formation (of goods, passengers or both) respecting certain deadlines and requiring security measures.

Although it is not necessary to have a university degree, you must have previous experience and a thorough knowledge of the vehicle you are driving, as well as the rules of driving and signals. Salary the annual average is 28,600 euros.

3). Industrial forklift driver: The average salary for a forklift driver is 1,120 euros net per month (about 20,600 euros gross per year), less than 3,500 euros (-15%) compared to the average annual salary in Spain.

The salary of a forklift driver can start at a minimum of 790 euros net per month, while the maximum salary can exceed 1,800 euros net per month.

4). Warehouse Manager or Warehouse Manageris one of the most demanded profiles in logistics, due to the importance that this sector has acquired in recent years.

He is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the supply, replenishment, storage and distribution activities of the company’s materials and products. Salary the annual average is 36,900 euros.

5). Delivery man: Its main function is to take orders and the corresponding delivery to customers’ homes. Salary the annual average is 24,200 euros.

6). Shareholder: is in charge of restocking products in supermarkets and other establishments. Salary the annual average is 19,800 euros.

After construction, transport is the sector with the highest demand for workers in Spain.  Photo: José Gutierrez / Los Andes

After construction, transport is the sector with the highest demand for workers in Spain. Photo: José Gutierrez / Los Andes


1). Masons: The average salary in Spain is 19,560 euros per year or 10.03 euros per hour. The most basic minimum salaries start at 16,800 euros per year, while more experienced professionals receive up to 24,678 euros per year.

of them). Lathe milling : It is the person in charge of setting up the machinery who manufactures the parts. The average salary in Spain is 21,500 euros per year.

3). Plasterers or Plasterers: They normally earn a gross monthly salary of between 999 and 1,416 euros to start At work. After five years of service, this figure is between 1,130 and 1,610 euros per month with a 40 hour work week.

4). Electricians: The average salary in Spain is 20,460 euros per year That is €10.49 per hour. Entry-level positions start with an income of 18,464 euros per year, while more professionals Experienced earn up to 25,023 euros per year.

Gastronomy and hospitality

In these types of jobs, salaries vary based on experience of the worker, as recorded on the Instagram account “Argentines Abroad”.

1). Waiters: inexperienced (ex: busboy), they charge a average salary between 12,100 and 13,200 euros per year. With an experience of more than 4 years, they charge around 16,500 euros per year. experienced workers, 24,300 euros per yearabout.

of them). Bartender: generally specialized in the preparation of cocktails. Salary the annual average is 28,000 euros.

3). Chef: is the professional who plans, organizes and supervises the supply, preparation and method of cooking food and the preparation of the various dishes that are prepared in the kitchen of a restaurant or service. Salary the annual average is 41,800 euros.

In the case of a restaurant cook, salary the annual average is 29,000 euros and one assistant earn per year €18,100.

4). Hotel receptionist: monthly salaries from 990 to 1,380 euros, plus tips, but they vary considerably by job category. If the hotel is 3 to 4 stars, the amounts range from 1,500 to 1,600 and if it is 5 stars, the salaries can vary from 1,800 to 2,000 euros per month.


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