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One of the first measures that came into force during the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19[feminine] when Peru was overwhelmed by a state of emergency was the telework, a modality for which several companies have opted where the remote work figure could be applied. However, after largely ending the crisis that Peru has found itself in, the question arises as to when the remote work law will end in the country, which we will answer below in this note. .


According to A Peruvianthe remote work law in Peru would expire on December 31; some companies should therefore consider some points related to this topic.

In consultation with a specialist labor laws in perulabor lawyer Jorge Toyama Miyagusuku, he assured that he considers it unlikely that the remote work in Peru because he was born as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The scenario that presents the most possibility of being configured is the one in which the new telework law start governing without regulation. Is it possible for the law to govern without regulation? Yes, because the law does not say that the regulation is essential for it to come into force,” the lawyer said, adding that “our estimate is that from next January 1, companies must comply with new telework lawwhich requires three general modifications and which should be adopted, if possible, in a preventive way, this year.

The labor lawyer mentioned that, First, the new telecommuting rule requires a written agreement. “Employers, including public entities, should sign an agreement for staff to work fully or partially from home,” he said.

The second big change concerns who partially pays for the tools and expenses of working from home. So there the new standard indicates that the parties can agree that the worker assumes it“, he said.

The third issue that companies must adapt to working from home is occupational safety and health. “We need to change the whole occupational health and safety system to work from home. This is where training comes in,” he stressed.

“Of the four training courses per year on this subject, at least 1 or 2 must touch on work safely from home. There are psychosocial risks. They would have to tell us how many steps I have to take per day; how long do I have to sit without having a hernia; and how to perform my active break exercises. All this must be in the norm, ”he explained.

In summary, he pointed out,companies must gather their batteries because the Telework Law will come into force yes or yes on January 1 with or without regulation and there are three key aspects that need to be adapted to this date”.


According to the Crehana platform, the remote work es consists of carrying out work activities remotely, from home or another remote location, always maintaining the same responsibilities as in an office job.

In the remote workthe employee-employer relationship retains the same rules as in a face-to-face environment and in the same way regular working hours are respected, unlike in practice for some people working in person also involves time additional in the office mobility from the workplace to the home.

Initially remote jobs were linked to professions related to new technologies, but, in recent years, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the modality of remote work has been extrapolated to other industries, positions, and has even created new careers that only require the use of a computer to work.

Between the races where the remote work worked, according to the Crehana platform, are areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, technology or support, areas where remote work has been part of everyday life and continues to grow over the years. time.

Among the advantages of remote work they are about spending more time with family, saving money and improving your quality of life; however, this also has its drawbacks and that is that for some workers this type of work is an opportunity to perform additional activities and entertainment.


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