Why didn’t you consider this free course in Alicante and how it would get you a secure job in 2023

You’ve never considered it and you may not even know what it’s all about, but it may become the key that unlocks you. job door in this 2023. Well… Not only “may”, you can say it’s much more likely than that, well, as soon as the course is over, 80% of those who do find work in a company.

Before knowing better what we are talking about, there is still another piece of news that is important for you to know: the the course is freeis taught in Alicante And you don’t need any previous experience to do it.

The welding course is free and is taught in Alicante.

You already have all the ingredients to make decisions, whether you are in a unemployment as if you were looking for a new job. You just need to know something: what coaching We speak?

Free course in Alicante in 2023

As we said, you may never have considered it and it will surprise you. But maybe it’s time to ask yourself “why not?” In the official welding course taught by the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Alicante (FEMPA), you will be trained during six months in occupation with high labor demand.

If the idea suddenly appealed to you or you ask yourself questions such as “what could I work on if to study welding?”, “what would be my salaryor “you really know to find a job So easy, you have two options: continue reading this news or request more information with just a few clicks.

Ask for more information and find out if the training is right for you for your future.

In just six months, from January 9 to June, you will have the formal training necessary to perform a multitude of positions. And, if this course does not convince you, you have many others free lessons in Alicante which start in this same date.

Work as a specialist in MIG/MAG welding

This course, entitled Oxygas Welding and MIG/MAG Welding, will allow you to work on all of these jobs. visualize it because 80% of those who end up at FEMPA find one of these positions upon completion:

  • Oxygen (oxyacetylene) welder.

  • MIG-MAG welder.

  • Hand flame arrester.

  • Hand plasma metal cutter.

  • Thermal spray operator.

  • Welder of light metal structures.

  • Thermite welder.

you may be thinking what is each of these jobs. This is completely normal, especially if you are unfamiliar with the sector. So don’t worry, don’t worry because if you decide to jump in this formation, you will all land soon these concepts.

80% of students on this course in Alicante find a job at the end of it.

Don’t think it’s a Classes in which you will spend all your time sitting next to a book. None of that. To learn this work you have to feel reality, so the training provided by FEMPA includes a large practical side in which you will learn closely, and step by step, all the ins and outs.

Here is the salary of a MIG/MAG welder

We’re not kidding ourselves, it’s totally decisive. Although it is important that we love the work we dothat he is well paid is, if not more, at least as much relevant.

The latest published offers offer salaries between €20,000 and €28,000 for this sector.

according to the last job offers published in Infojobs, the gross wagesfor this year 2023, oscillate between €20,000 and the €28,000 Gross annual. that is to say between approximately €1,600 and the €2,300 gross per month

Get One Of These Jobs After Graduation coaching it’s a reality. As we said, 80% of FEMPA students succeed. The story of Javi, who enrolled in another of the possibilities that the school offers, is only one example among many others:

Requirements to enroll in free courses

To access these free lessons in the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Alicante (FEMPA), funded by Labora, the service of employment and training from the Generalitat Valenciana and the Ministry of Education, it is necessary that you have the academic access condition (ESO, FPI, 2nd BUP…) and that you meet at least one of these two conditions:

  • Be unemployed and registered with SERVEF.

  • To be busy.

Query more informationas well as the conditions and requirements, on the official FEMPA website, where all these trainings are carried out.


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