With two parallel jobs, she thinks about her priorities and resigns: “I wanted to live more relaxed, beyond my bank account”

The day he found a parking space right in front of the post office, he knew deep down that this was the sign he was looking for. With mixed feelings, he turned off the car’s engine, picked up his wallet, and prepared to join the long line many were waiting in to enter the Argentine post office. As he waited, a myriad of thoughts raced through his head: Was what he was doing right? Or was he taking a risk? Did I make the right decision? leave a safe jobwhere you could make a career, in a post-pandemic context with inflation and unemployment?

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, Silvina Cobián had been going through a path of profound change for a long time. Immersed in the whirlwind of work, although she goes to the gym every morning, she was looking for an activity that would help her disconnect from daily worries. And it was by chance that one afternoon he discovered a yoga space in front of his house.

“I thought I was going to be bored because I’m very active and I was pleasantly surprised by the practice. There are many myths around yoga. But only those who try it at the right time in their life fall in love with the practice and turn it into the healthiest vice in the world,” he recalls. He clings to the practice, but also to his vocation of study and the need to be in permanent formation. She studied customs and foreign trade, she is also a notary and there are few materials left for her to become a lawyer.

To the bank that saw her grow professionally, celebrating her birthday.
To the bank that saw her grow professionally, celebrating her birthday.

From his childhood and adolescence in Río Grande, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, he keeps rare and ephemeral memories. He grew rapidly. Her mother, with whom she lived, had not been able to overcome the separation from the father of little Silvina. That was the reason why she didn’t work and was depressed. “I grew up with emotional and economic deficiencies, thinking he had to protect her from the loss of her marriage. But, over the years, I could see that what happened to him is part of life and that love lives on in relationships. At 15 I had my first job, from then on I always studied and worked. In fact, until a year ago, I always had two jobsone dependent and the other independent.

She was 23 and working at Movistar at the time, when a recruitment specialist told him that he had all the conditions to work and have a career in a bank. There were three months of interviews until in May 2007 he officially started his period of work at Banco Galicia as an individual agent.

Years passed, Silvina was able to forge a successful career behind closed doors at the bank. Until they offered him a transfer to Ushuaia. However, soon after he materialized, the opportunity was frustrated as the person he would eventually replace did not feel comfortable with the change. “To me I have always loved Ushuaia due to its natural environment. I love photography and Ushuaia has incredible landscapes. It is a place that always surprises with its magic”.

With its partners
With its partners

This frustrated transfer was perhaps the last boost he needed to encourage you to start a new chapter in your life. That is why, after having thought about it for a long time and meditated with the pillow, he made the decision to present his resignation from the bank which had given him so many years of career. “When I left the bank, I worked for a year in the logistics and services company that my father owns in Río Grande. Although I loved this job, it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or where I wanted to live. Why do I have to rely on a job to move out of town?, I started to think. It was up to me to decide where I wanted to live and what I wanted to do there.

He didn’t want to waste any more time. He announced to the company that he was leaving, rented his house in Río Grande, looked for a rental in Ushuaia and started from scratch. At first she rented cars and apartments to tourists, until she was contacted by a regional credit card (due to the experience she had years in Banco Galicia) and she was a manager in this company. She was then hired at the HSBC branch. He worked there for four and a half years. Three of those years he combined, with great effort and dedication, another activity that he had not given up despite all the ups and downs.

Attentive to your need for bodily movement and mental stillness, when he arrived in Ushuaia, he had found a space for yoga who took it from day one. “I started taking classes there and my life took an unexpected turn. I will always be grateful to Professor Flor Martin for motivating me to become a teacher and for giving me the opportunity to start giving my classes (once received) at her home. chala (school). I wouldn’t be here today without her.”

With Florencia, her yoga teacher.
With Florencia, her yoga teacher.

Excited, Silvina trained, studied, practiced and graduated, which allowed her to teach. Before the pandemic, he did it from home and in the morning before going to the bank. In the afternoons, he had his schedule in the space of his beloved teacher, Florencia. “In 2020 it decided to close and I found it had a lot of students to be able to continue giving from home with the limited hours and space available. I decided to start looking for a rental to have a space of my own. End of 2020 I rented and started in my current space, everyone told me it was crazy, that maybe they would close everything. I tried my luck. If it went wrong, worst case scenario was losing money. But it wasn’t like that and I earned my new life”.

What was he looking for with so many changes? On the one hand, to complete a degree in law, but also to improve in other branches of yoga. Finally, she obtained her lawyer’s degree and began specializing with the elderly and pregnant women. “I opened new times for classes and the response from people was excellent. At that moment I realized that what he was initially looking for has mutated. You don’t have to have two or three jobs to live, you adapt to what you have: the more you have, the more you spend and the wheel never stops. When you have control over the hours worked, the hours enjoyed and you are your own boss, everything changes”. Today Silvina has her yoga space with 92 students from whom she learns every day.


He claims to have acquired a quality of life, happiness, peace and tranquility knowing that “everything you do with the heart is rewarded multiplied by thousands, millions. And that I’m richer than I could have ever imagined. He also recognizes that today his life is a whirlwind of emotions, that he knows himself every day under facets which had fallen asleep but which, nevertheless, lived in him to mark his path.

“I understood that I could live in another way, more relaxed, in contact with myself and others and be rich, very rich, beyond the bank account. Do we all like to lead a good life? Sure! But at what cost ? Are we aware of what we are leaving behind, of the time spent and invested? Is it an easy path? Of course not. But what would be interesting and instructive if that were the case?

If you have had an experience that has improved your well-being and your quality of life (it can be medical, dietary, sports, travel, sentimental, professional or of another nature), and you wish to share it in this heading, write to [email protected]

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