Women’s guilt at work

    Do you feel guilty when you slow down even though you are exhausted?? Although you also take care of the house and the children and you deserve it? This feeling of guilt is endemic among women and, as Lucía Jiménez Vida, expert in business strategy, productivity and habits for entrepreneurs and businesswomen, it is linked to our high level of self-demand.

    We want to fulfill all our roles with the highest performance: to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect businesswoman. As a result, we imagine an idyllic situation in which we are able to reach everything that is far from reality,” explains Lucía Jiménez Vida. “This is where our sense of guilt arisesto think that we could always do more, even if reality shows us the opposite,” he adds.

    The consequence? As this expert says, we hardly take time for ourselves, our self-care and our development. “If we have free time, we look for ways to fill it with some obligation,” he says.

    For this reason, as Jiménez Vida points out, “it is so important learn to work fewer hours, but focus on what’s really importantso that we put aside perfectionism and can create more time for our growth.

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    Doesn’t that happen to men?

    “Men are also demanding, suffer from high stress levels and tend to fall into the Burnoutlike women, but the reasons justifying them are different», Explains Jiménez Vida.

    However, according to this expert, they enjoy their free time better than women“They don’t feel guilty if they get together to play paddle tennis with friends while their partners take care of their children at home or if they browse social media while the kitchen is in mess.”

    And it is that, as Lucía Jiménez Vida continues, “traditionally, men have not had the role of guardiansas happened with women, so their connection to the tasks associated with caring for others is not as strong as in the case of women”.

    women and entrepreneurship

    Are we women less enterprising than men or is it a cultural or family issue? “The truth is, in 2021, the number of women who decided to start a business exceeded that of men for the first time in the history of SpainLucia tells us.

    “I think women are finally realizing that we can be the ones who create the perfect circumstances to live the life we ​​want“says the expert who adds:” There is still a long way to go to achieve a real conciliation in private companies and maybe there is more to breaking this glass ceiling that has clipped our wings since the entry of women into the labor market. I speak on a general level, of course there are always exceptions.

    Moreover, as Jiménez Vida points out, “We women, we finally take responsibility, we dare and above all we believe in it.It is not that we are more capable, nor that we have more needs for conciliation today than five or ten years ago. It is that we finally look in the mirror and we say to ourselves: yes, you can”, he underlines.

    “There are social and even political circumstances that contribute to this and we must continue on this path in the years to come,” says Jiménez Vida. According to this expert, “in addition, thanks to the media, but also to social networks, we see that there’s a whole movement of women demonstrating that doing things our way It is not only possible, but necessary.


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    Is entrepreneurship the solution to work less?

    As Lucía says, “when a woman decides to start a business, she does it because she knows that This way she will choose her own hours and she will have that flexibility she needs in her life.or because he knows that only in this way can he really decide the price of his hour of work or the tasks he wants to accomplish each day”.

    With this flexibility, we can decide how many hours we want to work and what we are going to spend the rest of our day on: It can be our business if we want to, but we also have the freedom to choose whether we want to spend more time with our children, our partners or with ourselves.

    Should we still continue to prove more than men?

    According to Jiménez Vida, “as a society, women continue to be the most choosing to give up on our professional lives, or part of it, when we are mothers”. “Warning, this is not at all a criticism of women who do it, but it is a fact that penalizes us when we decide to resume our jobs”, underlines the expert.

    And not only when there are children around since, as Jiménez Vida adds, “In general, women took on this role of guardians and when you devote a good part of your time to it, then reintegration into professional life is unfortunately very difficult”.

    The expert also points to psychological barriers: “The impostor syndrome, without going any further, is very present in many women that I support in my training”. What is? As Jimenez Vida explains, “we compare ourselves and feel less worthy than the person next to us. We wonder more frequently than men if we can really achieve it, if we are really worthy of earning such a sum or living the life we ​​want by putting our knowledge at the service of others.

    “And then there is the paralysis by analysis and excessive perfectionism“, emphasizes the expert. How many businesses don’t even start because they aren’t perfect enough? “That, in men, does not happen so much. For this reason, one of the phrases that I repeat the most in my mentoring is “better done than perfect”. You don’t know how many times I’ve encountered situations like this,” Lucía tells us.

    Discussions on women and entrepreneurship

    On the occasion of the International Women’s Entrepreneur’s Day, Lucía Jiménez Vida organized in Seville in November 2022 various round tables to talk about the challenges, obstacles and victories that women have overcome when starting their own business. In these interviews, the theme of guilt also floated: “There are many women who feel guilty when they stop going about their business to go get a massage or when they decide not to go to the park with their children to advance their business,” says Lucie.

    “For this reason, the entrepreneurs who participated in these discussions emphasized how much it had helped them to have the Community of Entrepreneurs accessible to them through my Time to Undertake program,” says Lucía.

    According to this expert,sharing this feeling of guilt with other women helps them realize that they are not alone on this path and that, despite this emotion, they can continue to move firmly towards their goals”. “I remember that many people repeated: ‘When you see other colleagues acting, you say to yourself that if they can do it, so can you’”.


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    Can you work less and perform even better?

    Of the hours we devote to our work, how many are truly productive? “Parkinson’s law says work expands to fill available time for it to end. So if we have more hours, it will take longer to do the same thing,” Jiménez Vida points out. “But with more breaks, less focus and attention to detail that really doesn’t make a difference in the outcome,” he adds.

    The key to working less but being more efficientaccording to Jiménez Vida, “lies in the choice of essential tasks to achieve our short, medium and long-term objectives, leaving aside other types of more insignificant actions that have no impact on them”.

    “For example, we can devote many hours to our social networks, so many that we end up stealing them from other more important tasks such as generating customers through active prospecting and sales calls”, explains Lucía, for who “Social media is important to a business, sure, but it can’t always be the top priority.d, otherwise we will have a hobby, not a business.

    Key tips to stop feeling guilty about working less

    First, as Jiménez Vida points out, first we have to plan our free time: When do you want to rest? What will be your leisure time? What hours do you want to dedicate to yourself?

    “Next, use free time to plan your work. Doing it this way is what will allow you to prioritize your rest and take care of your energy, instead of settling for non-existent leftovers, ”underlines the expert.

    According to Lucía Jiménez Vida, by being more rested, your ability to concentrate will be greater, so you can do a better job in less time. “Awareness of this idea is what allows you to put aside guilt: rest is not only productive, it is necessary”, concludes the expert.

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