Work at North Access is complete: what work has been done

The project required a total investment of 1,500 million pesos (excluding VAT) (Credit: Autopistas del Sol Press)

the highways of the sunroad concession company of the North access and the General Avenue of Peaceannounced that next November the surfacing work on the Pilar and Campana branches. The tasks carried out extend over the duration of 130 kilometers on three lanes and shoulders, in both directions of traffic.

The work plan required a total investment of 1,500 million pesos and included the resurfacing of Avenida General Paz, between Avenida Lugones and Acceso Norte, as well as the defense system replacement on the bridges of the Reconquista River, at the height of the Camino del Buen Ayre, which offers greater road safety for vehicles.

From Autopistas del Sol they argue that the material used in the resurfacing is high tech, facilitates the evacuation of rainwater and reduces friction noise, which guarantees better driving comfort. The work consisted of milling and lifting the existing surface asphalt layer and replacing it with a high-performance asphalt of the MAC F-10 type.

Another aspect that stands out is the strict road safety conditions with which the works are carried out: the fronts are signaled in advance with static and luminous signage, while the detours are coordinated by specialized personnel. Meanwhile, the maximum speed in these places is 40 kilometers per hour.

Autopistas del Sol, the concession company of the North Access road and General Paz Avenue, has announced that next November the paving works of the Pilar and Campana branches will be completed.

In order to minimize inconvenience to users, the work is scheduled for night hours: Sunday to Friday, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.. The tasks are carried out in coexistence with the traffic: the lanes of the central lane are reduced and, in certain cases, it is diverted towards the collector streets.

Currently, the sections in which the final work is located are on the branch of the Pilar, at kilometer 40, towards Buenos Aires. While, on the Campana branch, staff work between kilometers 68 and 73, as well as near Henry Ford Avenue.

A few days ago, the company had also installed a new system of concrete fenders on the bridges on the Reconquest Riverin the North Access, along 1.2 kilometers of extension, to ensure better containment of out-of-control vehicles, in order to limit damage and injury to both their occupants and the rest of the users.

Meanwhile, during the summer, the works carried out on Avenida General Paz, between Avenida Lugones and Acceso Norte, in both directions of traffic, were completed. In this way, more than 200,000 vehicles that travel this section daily have benefited.

On the other hand, in line with its commitment to the environment and the community, Autopistas del Sol has announced that it has covered 100% of its 2021 electricity consumption with renewable sourcesthrough IREC certificates issued in the country by IRAM, an entity designated by The International REC Standard, provided by Enel Trading Argentina.

Thanks to this initiative, Autopistas del Sol has become one of the first road concession companies in the country to meet 100% of its electricity consumption with renewable sources.

The work takes place at night: Sunday to Friday, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. (Credit: Autopistas del Sol Press)
The work takes place at night: Sunday to Friday, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. (Credit: Autopistas del Sol Press)

Over the past year, the energy consumed by this company to power the infrastructure of the building, its 19 toll stations and the lighting of 120 kilometers from Buenos Aires to the cities of Pilar, Campana and Tigre, next to General Paz Avenue, was 25,687,609 kWh.

In this way, succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 58% produced by the generation of the energy consumed during the year, i.e. approximately 10,709.98 tonnes of CO2, the effect of which is equivalent to the addition of 45,000 adult trees.

Likewise, the company manages 890 hectares of green spaces, with more than 33,000 trees and shrubs of various species and sizes, conserved by specialists. Each year, more than 1,500 young plants are added, which requires care and sustained irrigation.

In addition, thanks to the resurfacing works of the northern access in 2021, 24,450 tons of asphalt materials were obtained which were reused in the improvement of municipal dirt streets that the motorway crosses, within a radius equivalent to 72 kilometres. In 2022, progress has been made in the same direction.

Autopistas del Sol, the motorway company that started its concession in 1994, has several shareholders: Abertis (31.59%), We build (19.82%) and Native Investments (14.12%), while the remaining 34.47% is listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

Those who want to discover more information about the company can access its website by clicking here. Whereas, to know the real-time traffic status and work progressit is recommended to enter your twitter account.

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