Work begins in the Sotos de la Albolafia

The public company Tragsa has started the works commissioned by the Junta de Andalucía for the maintenance of the natural monument of Los Sotos de la Albolafia. The contract, worth just over 400,000 euros and lasting around ten months, provides for the cleaning, maintenance and plant restoration of the area, in which no intervention has been carried out since 2015. During these seven years, vegetation has become invasive in some areas and even native species have begun to disappear.

The construction manager, Jorge Luque, detailed the “context” of some works in an urban environment protected by UNESCO and which since 2001 has been declared a natural monument. Luque explained that the work has been divided into 17 different stands with the aim of recovering lost habitats and eliminating exotic vegetation, such as eucalyptus and reeds, which degrade the original habitats. “Our main objective is to maintain biodiversity,” he explained. “If there is no maintenance, the vegetation continues to grow,” he added.

Thus, the work also consists of pruning at height, brushcutting and even the inclusion of cattle, authentic four-legged brushcutters. “We also want to give visibility to the four river mills and the water wheel of Albolafia, which are currently not appreciated because they are surrounded by vegetation,” he added.

The construction manager said signage will also be installed so visitors can familiarize themselves with the space. And later “to create a plant structure that we are able to maintain”. If there is no regular intervention, “in five or six years, everything will be the same”.

Work began once the bird nesting period was over, explained the project manager, who detailed anecdotally why the workers are fully protected: “one of the main occupational hazards in these trades are the wasp stings”.

Institutional visit

The Andalusian Government Delegate in Cordoba, Adolfo Molina, together with the Mayor of Cordoba, José M.ª Bellido, and the Regional Delegate for Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy, Juan Ramón Pérez, visited the works of the public company Tragsa taking place in this natural monument.

“Our goal is to increase the adaptability and environmental value of the Sotos de la Albolafia”, Adolfo Molina stressed during a report on a project with a budget of 416,713.83 euros and a period of 10 month runtime -always subject to environmental conditions.

“We are faced with a project that was born of a consensus. We have worked with groups linked to the Sotos de la Albolafia and our goal is that they continue to be involved in the execution by contributing ideas. And it is a prudent project, since unlike previous interventions, a total of 17 areas have been established to intervene and not give a homogeneous treatment of the 21.36 hectares”, specified the government delegate.

For his part, the territorial delegate for Sustainable Development stressed that “the work is more than justified to prevent fires and prevent the groves from ending up colonized by exotic species, displacing habitats or animals who live or have lived here. There are currently 120 recorded species.

The Mayor of Cordoba, José María Bellido, stressed that “this action is essential for Cordoba in a particularly sensitive area, a connection between neighborhoods and a gateway to heritage, which, moreover, justifies the commitment to the sustainable development of this space integrated into the urban fabric of the city”.

This work is financed by European funds and is carried out in collaboration with the two other competent administrations: the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir, responsible for the basin and the banks, and the City of Cordoba, responsible for the urban section.


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