Work begins to extinguish the fire and empty the Pontesa warehouse in Pontevedra

The company that owns the former Pontesa warehouse in Ponte Sampaio (Pontevedra) has announced that work will begin on Thursday to permanently put out the fire in the ship, which was declared on November 6 and in which one person died. Likewise, it will be emptying of facilitieswhich still contain the grain that was stored there and that is what did not allow the fire to go out.

Galigrain, in a press release sent to the media, assured that “a company approved and authorized in the treatment and management of waste” has been hired, which will be responsible for carrying out a “emergency action plan“which has been communicated to the authorities and for which the collaboration of the firefighters will be available. The actions, as they explain, “have been defined in collaboration with the Institute for Safety and Security at Work (Issga), which has given his good approval to the actions”.

Performances will begin at side facade and roof of the nave pTo access the interior of the facilities safely, after which the stored grain will be removed and cooled. The plan also includes environmental protection actions to minimize the impact of the extinguishing and cooling processes on the environment.

According to the Councilor for Security of the Town Hall of Pontevedra, these activities will be carried out with the full collaboration of the authorities and the firefighters of Pontevedra, therefore it is expected that the fire “is completely extinguished this week“, thus solving the smoke problems that the neighbors have suffered for almost two weeks.

The City Council forces to paralyze the activity in the old ship of the Cross

After the inspection of the ship that Grupo Nogar in the parish of Campañó, the Council of Pontevedra was forced to preventive paralysis of activity in the old nave of the Cross. This was announced by Eva Vilaverde, security adviser, when communicating Thursday the results of the technical inspection carried out in the facilities.

On Monday, he recalled, “it has been verified that there are minimum security measuresduring an initial visual inspection, after which further investigation was carried out. “Unfortunately, we have discovered that the security conditions are not suited to the security clearance that exists in the ship and that the minimum security measures are not sufficient”, so that “the Board sees itself in obligation to immediately order the suspension of the activity“. In addition, the information was sent to the Axencia de Protección da Legalidade Urbanística (APLU) and the Ministry of Industry so that they can determine the appropriate measures with regard to the conclusions of the inspection.

As explained by Eva Vilaverde, the technicians of the town hall verified that there was an enabling title from 1951 that allowed the installation of a fertilizer and chemical products factory. “In 1995, a work was carried out in which the facilities were expanded and enclosures were built“, he explained, after which the activity carried out in the old ship of the Cross was modified. From that moment, he specified, “the security measures are not in line with the activity carried out”: “Neither the characteristics of the ship, nor its dimensions nor its surface have anything to do with this which was produced in 1951 and have no place in this license“.

The problem, specifies the advisor, is that “a substantial change in the facilities and no notification or action has been taken security for the storage of cereals for food purposes”, the same activity that was carried out in the old Pontesa. “It is Store the same, stack piles of grains and cereals on the roof: there must be a fire prevention system, temperature and alarm control and, of course, a sprinkler system to humidify in case of fire“, laments Vilaverde. Likewise, it has been notified that accumulate wood outside the ship “also without a permit who authorizes it and without security measures”.

In the absence of permits and security measures, the Council notified the company that it 24 hours to stop activityafter which the ship will be sealed.

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