Work carried out for the prevention and eradication of violence against women in Guerrero


  • They organized various training sessions for 35 heads of gender units in the state public administration.
  • Coordinated work with Deputies, the Human Rights Commission of the State of Guerrero, the Office of the Attorney General of the State (FGE), federal agencies such as Inmujeres, CONAVIM, the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), among others.

Pastor Josephine Aguilar

SemMéxico, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, November 25, 2022.- In this first year of Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda’s administration, the foundations have been laid for a comprehensive strategy to prevent and eradicate child marriage, by bringing together with the authorities and the population of the indigenous areas, with training to change the cultural model that supports this practice, reported the head of the Secretariat for Women (SEMUJER), Violeta Pino Girón.

Going to the State Congress this Thursday to examine the first work report of Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda, Pino Girón explained that the budget approved for SEMUJER for the year 2022 amounts to 31 million 380 thousand pesos divided into 9 programs, They also obtained more than 29 million additional pesos for negotiations with the National Institute for Women (Inmujeres) and the National Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence (CONAVIM).

He said the work he has done has been done in coordination with state agencies, municipal authorities with the accompaniment of deputies, the Guerrero State Human Rights Commission, the office of the Attorney General of the State (FGE) and federal authorities such as Inmujeres, CONAVIM, the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), among others.

When breaking down the execution of the programs, he said that with regard to strengthening the integration of the gender perspective, he promoted the incorporation of the gender perspective in the public administration, to through the diploma course entitled “Budget and public expenditure”; they have strengthened the capacities of municipal authorities through the diploma course “Public policies from a gender perspective”; They provided advice for the development of programs for equality between women and men, with a coverage of 200 people.

They carried out various training sessions for 35 heads of gender units in the state public administration, a workshop on the ABC of gender, four workshops on public policies with a gender perspective and a masterful conference on the concepts gender base in which 350 civil servants participated. and officials from 21 state agencies.

They also gave 3 workshops to media professionals from Iguala and Acapulco, as well as staff from the State Government’s Department of Social Communication, with the aim of carrying out their journalistic work with perspective, without discrimination or stereotyping, in which 94 people participated.

They have trained 49 professionals from 15 Maisons de la Femme (CDM), created by SEMUJER since 2013; with the aim of building their capacity to improve the delivery of the workshops they carry out in the communities.

In an effort to advance gender institutions, he said they have established coordination with the State Congress Gender Equality Commission, with which they are working to develop draft initiatives to reform the law on equality between women and men; of the law on women’s access to a life without violence, as well as the planning of strengthening the gender perspective.

She also added that she has developed a guide to integrate the gender perspective, considered fundamental for decision-makers in public exercise “because it will facilitate their understanding of the gender perspective and its integration in government actions”, said she clarified.

At the same time, he noted, they carried out a revision of five budget programs to integrate the gender perspective in the secretariats of welfare, education, health, rural development and promoting economic development.

SEMUJER also coordinated the work of the state program for equality between women and men 2022-2027, already completed, through seven regional citizen consultation forums and four tables with state bodies, with the participation of 350 people.

With the aim of strengthening women’s human rights, they say, in the process of granting resources to civil society organizations to present projects in this area.

In coordination with the Ministry of Finance, they have created an annex for equality between women and men in the framework of the 2023 budget, with which they will present the programs and budgets for equality between women and men and the prevention of violence against women.

Regarding the gender violence prevention program, he mentioned that based on the approval of the 2022 budget, three measures issued in the Gender Violence Alert, competence of SEMUJER, were taken into account.

The first consisted of the design and production of a state campaign to disseminate in the media and strategic locations the nature and scope of the two alerts that weigh on the state of Guerrero, one for femicide violence issued in June 2017 and the second for comparative misdemeanor, declared in May 2020, which he advanced, will be carried out in four original languages.

This campaign will begin this Friday, November 25, as part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The second measure consists of another dissemination campaign to sensitize society to the human rights of women, girls and adolescents with the aim of influencing the transformation of cultural patterns that generate violence.

The third measure was to conclude a state diagnosis on the types and modalities of violence against women, initiated in 2018, by the Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which was even, for what this year, again they contracted said services to conclude said studies, and this was achieved.

Said diagnosis has already been sent to CONAVIM, which will evaluate it and may be presented publicly; With this they would fulfill another of the observations made by this unit within the AVG.

From the support program for the sons and daughters of women victims of femicide, also included in the AVG measures, in particular the justice and damage repair measure, he explained that it is being implemented, they have planned the delivery of economic support, as well as psychological and legal care with the aim of minors continuing their studies.

This referral, in coordination with the FGE and the Executive Commission for Victim Assistance, based on the cases that are investigated through the ministerial, police and expert investigation protocol with a gender perspective on the crime of femicide.

She emphasized that violence against women is complex and multi-causal, and must be addressed in this way. For this, they have a Women’s Justice Center located in Tlapa and ten mobile and semi-fixed telephones with state coverage. 119 specialists operate in these care centres; In addition, computer equipment and teaching materials have been provided to them, their facilities have been rehabilitated and vehicles have been allocated to them for transporting users.

This year, the Tlapa Justice Center set up a temporary shelter for women, their sons and daughters, and updated its care protocol, which is important for officials facing violence to adhere to. to human rights standards.

Among the actions carried out in these centers, he mentioned that they have organized conferences and workshops on prevention, human rights, modalities and types of violence, trafficking in human beings, violence in dating, bullying, new masculinities in educational spaces, communities and workplaces.

From the Program to prevent, treat, punish and eradicate violence against women, they have developed various prevention and care actions that have included women detained in prisons, through psychological and therapeutic interventions, as well as the preparation of a diagnosis to identify the causes for which they remain detained and determine the cases in which, for lack of legal support and resources to pay bail, they have not been able to obtain their release.

They also collaborate with the payment of paternity recognition services with DNA tests, to facilitate the attention of cases handled before the judicial authorities concerning filiation, paternity or maternity.

In the same way, they grant economic support to low-income women who are victims of violence, to cover the costs of legal proceedings that are generated during the processing of the various lawsuits.

They are added, at the stage of formulation of the Global Program to prevent, assist, punish and eradicate violence against women which will contain the strategies for the State government and municipalities, citizens and citizens to respect their obligations specified in the law.

Regarding the program for single mothers, he indicated that its objective is to strengthen the family economy of single mothers, heads of families with low economic resources with sons and daughters who are in basic education, integration of the list of beneficiaries was produced as part of a public call, for the first time they went to the regions to receive the documentation and integrate their files.

In the next few days, they will offer the respective support to 500 women with a card that they can use in different shopping centers.

From the Program for the Prevention of Underage Marriages and the Protection of Girls in Indigenous Areas, considered a violation of human rights and a harmful practice that seriously affects their life, health, education and integrity and prevents the access to opportunities that negatively affect their future development and that of their families; In November last year, they launched the Strategy for Justice and Well-Being for Women and Girls in the regions of Costa Chica and La Montaña.

The objective is to promote actions aimed at reducing the number of child marriages and unions, to promote and build a new relationship with indigenous peoples that respects their regulatory framework for which they work with their authorities and their families, to take into account their contributions in this regard. deliver and guarantee women their legitimate right to be treated as equals by society.


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