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Focusing on the pending investments for León by the Socialist State Government and the People’s Party Autonomous Government, we can start with the highly demanded and necessary logistics platform for Torneros

At the end of the undoubtedly well-deserved vacation period, it is a more than favorable moment for the activity of our politicians to be effectively seen in the various public administrations. This beginning full of hope, full of hope I suppose at least for a part of the population, must be accompanied by an assessment of what has been done the previous year. I mean, seeing how much or how little was done the previous year can give us an idea of ​​what will be done the following year.

Focusing on the pending investments for León by the Socialist State Government and the People’s Party Autonomous Government, we can start with the much-requested and necessary logistics platform for Torneros, a platform that has no still not been executed despite the years that have passed. since it was planned to do so. Over the past year, we have been perplexed by this question when we learned that what we thought should be done long ago by our Junta de Castilla y de León, namely the previous environmental impact study , has been resolved in the sense that this study is not considered necessary for the execution of the proposed Platform and Polygon. In this way, the Council passes the ball to the state administration, which now seems to be the one that has to move the tab, and so we continue year after year to pass the ball from one administration to another, but without no actual results. Although the last thing we heard from the state administration was the announcement of a joint investment with SEPE in the amount of 25 million euros to take over the project, the truth is that nothing is done year after year. Everything seems to indicate that in the exercise following the execution of the project will not evolve much, even if I hope to be wrong for the good of the people of Leone. Furthermore, it is important to point out that the idea planned for Turners of the rail logistics hub seems to be that it is copied to Páramo de San Isidro (Valladolid) for what is already budgeted by the Junta de Castilla y León no more and no less than 40 million euros.

Regarding the FEVE integration works in the city of León, we can also confirm that everything remains the same as in previous years. The works, started in 2009 and dependent on the central government, are apparently “completed”, although the trains still do not reach the station located in the city where these trains arrived and departed until these works begin, at my opinion badly named integration . Of course, year after year, the national deputies of the PSOE for León tell us that everything is in progress, that another “adaptation project” or similar expressions is missing and that it will be concluded in a short time, but the truth is that there is no progress of any kind and I don’t think anyone believes in the chained promises that these important politicians make from time to time. In short, too bad.

What happens with the second phase of the Parador de San Marcos, well, it’s pretty much the same thing. Despite the time that has elapsed since the execution of the more than insufficient first phase, we are still waiting for the State Government to deign to budget and execute these works, essential to return León to the place it occupied before. the demolition of the important National Parador that we had, because we must say very clearly that what we have now is a charming little hotel that has nothing to do with the class and majesty of the previous one. Of course, the outstanding promises of execution of this second phase by the socialist deputies of León also continue to be repeated year after year. Well, nothing, to wait, there is no other.

In addition, the Ciudad del Mayor located in Polígono X de León is still not in operation, despite the announcement on several occasions that it is in progress and that the works have been completed since 2012. This “first-class research center order “and reference of the State”, thus described in its time by the deputies of the PSOE is still not a reality and we do not know until when. Yet another fiasco.

And what about the burying of the train that crosses both the city of León and the municipality of San Andrés del Rabanedo, because what has been done so far is a shoddy job. The burial initially planned at about two and a half kilometers, which was effectively intended to prevent the passage of trains from dividing in two the two parts of León and San Andrés del Rabanedo, was reduced to just over five hundred meters, in reason for which has nothing to do with what was originally planned. Well, the last thing that is considered a “star measure” on this issue by the central government of the PSOE and ADIF, and with the approval of the government team of the San Andrés del Rabanedo City Council, also of the PSOE, is the construction of tunnels under the track for vehicles and pedestrians at an approximate cost of 26 million euros. Not only are these types of tunnels going against nature, since it’s not in anyone’s head that trains run above ground and pedestrians below, but they’re also currently being abandoned and eliminating existing ones in all the cities of the world due to the problems of insecurity for pedestrians in addition to the more than probable problems derived from floods and others. It should also be clarified that no technical reason justifies this solution considered, since the lowering of the level of the track is foreseen in the initial project, despite the fact that now it is said as justification that this level cannot be touched . In addition, citizens must be aware that if these works are carried out, which are now proposed as an interim solution and before the actual burial, the reality is that it will be a definitive solution and the long-awaited burial will never be carried out. . out.

It is also important to remember the deplorable state of most of the roads in our province and, in general, in the entire Leonese Region. Repairs to these roads are practically insignificant year after year, so that their deterioration renders them almost impassable in many of them. Of course, the tolls of León-Astorga and the one that connects us to Asturias have not been removed, which has been done on many Catalan, Basque and Andalusian highways. Of course, there is the treatment received from the state which places us as second-class citizens compared to those of other provinces. For the moment, we can only protest against this unfortunate situation which, everything seems to indicate, will continue over time.

We continue, on the other hand, to wait for the completion of the construction works of the health center of the Ejido district and the new school of music, as well as the completion of the works of redevelopment of the city bus station. Regarding the latter, it seems that what is executed will not be anything modern or spectacular, rather something typical of a third category urban station, not only because of the low investment (about 8 million euros) , but also because something quite logical has not been planned, such as integration or union with the very close station. That is to say, the realization of something good, modern and interesting seems more than obvious that it will not come true.

With this panorama that I have tried to restore from these examples of the state of the various historical claims, it does not seem that it can arouse much enthusiasm in the public and, at least, it is more than obvious that it is very disappointing for the undersigned. This lack of effective commitment on the part of the Central Government as well as the Autonomous Governments to obtain what they have been demanding for a long time and which seems key for our development, does not please us at all. Of course, wait and wait. In recourse…


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