Work Extremadura | High-paying jobs that no one wants in Extremadura

In the developed world, there are all kinds of jobs. The system of life that human beings lead as well as the great diversity of services and needs of today’s society generate unimaginable jobs. However, there are professions that very few people do or want to do, although they are very well paid.


Certainly a work with dark and unpleasant touches. Organizing corpses for the wake isn’t exactly an easy task or for people with weak stomachs.

The Tanatopractitioner offers quite a complicated process and very little fun. Although our family and friends always tell us that we should enjoy our work and devote ourselves to something that we are passionate about, well, preparing corpses does not sound like something to write on the list. However, people who devote themselves to this profession can earn 35,000 euros gross per year.

Garbage collector

Picking up garbage is one of those occupations that no one is passionate about. It’s complicated work in which you frequently get dirty and the conditions are far from the best. Dealing with other people’s trash isn’t much fun for most people, although sometimes it has been commented that very rare things can be found in the garbage. In Spain, the salary of the brave people who take care of this work fluctuates between 24,000 and 32,000 euros.

chicken sexador

This is one of those professions where observation is essential. With training that can last up to three years, the chicken sexer must be able to distinguish hens in seconds. Although shrouded in feathers at all times, this job bears little relation to royalty and is instead on the list of jobs that take a long time to learn and take very little pleasure in doing it. In Spain they enjoy very low salaries, but in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom and Australia, professionals in this sector can earn 4,000 euros per month.

pest controller

In this line of work, we meet the brave of the moment. Ready to fight pests of all kinds, animal control is one of the most complex tasks depending on where it is performed. In Spain it may not be a big risk, but In countries like Australia, the southern United States or South Africa, it is a real challenge Face the deadliest animal species in the world. Flies, termites or rodents are just the beginning for these adventurers who also have to deal with the most venomous snakes and spiders that exist.

technical writer

Especially if you’re a busy person, the $50,000 annual income of a technical writer is dwarfed by the large amount of time and little creativity their job takes.. Manuals laden with dense, hard-to-learn content are the task of those professionals who spend months creating materials for which companies pay exorbitant sums.

animal sacrifice

Hands full of blood, bad smell and a lot of dead every day, is the summary of those who devote themselves to the slaughter of animals to guarantee food for human beings. In local slaughterhouses the demand may not be so great, but in large industrial houses, 10,000 head of cattle a day is a joke. However, due to the low demand for this job, salaries are generally better than in many other professions.


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