Work is progressing on the Samaná cruise terminal

Santa Bárbara de Samaná, Samaná, September 6, 2022. Just a few weeks after the announcement of the groundbreak for the construction of the new tourist and cruise terminal in Samaná (Samaná Bayport), the results obtained since the beginning of the cleaning works and adaptation of the terrain where one of the most modern cruise ports in the Caribbean will be built.

According to the declarations of the main executives of the Consortium of maritime terminals of Samaná (TEMARSAM), this project is called to become the catalyst of the tourist, economic and real estate development of Samaná and of the whole north-eastern region of the country.

“Samaná is the great jewel in the crown of Dominican tourism, unfortunately it had not been possible to develop a project like this, which will return all its splendor not only to the city of Santa Bárbara, but to the whole province. This is why this terminal is so important, it will be the entry point for tens of thousands of tourists who will witness the beauties of this province and the entire northeastern region of the country. These tourists will be the same ones who will come to invest in the real estate sector and above all they will be the ambassadors of this great destination”, assured Federico Schad, President of the Temarsam Consortium.

The process of adapting the land that will house the terminal includes, in addition to cleaning and environmental adaptation, earthworks, design and projection of the foundations of the docks, among other works. These works are carried out by companies of great professional reputation, using highly qualified equipment and personnel, thus obtaining positive results in favorable times.
The company assured that its main objective at present is to start construction works on schedule, with a view to completing phase 1 of the Samaná cruise terminal by mid-2023.

Environmental commitment

As part of the Consortium’s (TEMARSAM) commitment to the environmental sustainability of the area, all work has been carried out in compliance with international and national environmental regulations and in close collaboration with the competent authorities.
“We have not only removed tons of waste from the work area, but we have also collaborated in the channeling of the ravine that leads from the dump to the promenade. As you know, in the rainy season, this ravine is filled with waste, flooding the entire promenade, the city and ultimately throwing tons of plastics into the bay,” assured Hugo Crende, Project Operations Manager.

Likewise, the administrators have made public their commitment to maintaining the marine biodiversity and flora of the area, successfully transplanting dozens of mangroves under the supervision of qualified technicians. “Our commitment is not only to maintain the biodiversity conditions of the region, but also to improve them. For this, we have designed a plan that will make this terminal a model installation in terms of sustainability,” added Federico Schad.

They received great support from the authorities

In this sense, the leaders of the consortium highlighted the support offered by the leaders of the Dominican Port Authority, the Ministry of the Environment and the local authorities for the correct development of this project. ¨At this stage, the accompaniment and the close conversation with the authorities were essential for the effectiveness of the project. For this, we are grateful to them and reiterate our commitment as a company to contribute to the promotion of tourism in the province with the construction of this cruise terminal in Samaná. The project managers have indicated this.

About Samana Bayport

Samaná Bayport is a tourism development project with 100% Dominican capital, which aims to promote cruise tourism and private navigation in the bay of Samaná.

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