Work kills more couples than cuckolding

In 2017, a councilor in a small town in Sweden called Övertorneå came up with something like a paid sex license to increase the town’s low birth rate and improve the mental health of neighbors since sex is proven to reduce stress, among other virtues. . Basically, what this enterprising councilor offers is that employees benefit from one paid hour a day to make love. The proposal was rejected by the rest of the councilors who knows why and as a result the people of Övertorneå, like the rest of the working people around the world, continued to search for a space of privacy amid daily exhaustion.

There are days, Gloria Gil wrote the sentence that gives the title to this column on Twitter and that he was kind enough to lend me. Her tweet got me thinking about how many relationships are eroded daily by the lack of balance and work schedules. Jobs that subject people to stress and angst that end up sitting on the couch at dinnertime; that is, if the person in question arrives in time for dinner.

To the exhaustion at work, we must add the post-workout exhaustion with supermarkets, washing machines, cleaning, Tupperware, irons or any other activity necessary to maintain certain standards of health and nutrition at work. daily. If there’s also childcare in the equation, time flows right around the edges like the Madrid metro when it’s raining. Often, in fact, care is subcontracted to workers who have left behind their spouse and children to go elsewhere to earn a living. So intimacy, sex or deep conversations are regularly postponed to the weekend or scheduled as a business meeting, but with your partner in the conference room lazily.

Of course, another erosion factor is precariousness. Financial secrets exist between some couples. Others are constantly arguing over money. Others leave to live together before they are really ready because living alone is ruinous. Or, in the worst case, some don’t break up when they want or need to, especially in abusive relationships where one is financially dependent on the other.

It’s a perfect circle. Because if a relationship doesn’t work out and you stay single or don’t have kids, you become the perfect candidate to be put on the job with the worst hours and less chance of family reconciliation. Moreover, if you share life with no one, your life is more expensive and you fall back on the religious heritage of hard and disciplined work. In this way, the wheel continues to feed and roll without stopping on the slope of capitalism.

In many sectors, offices have even been designed like a home, with rest areas, changing rooms, kitchens or leisure areas. Javier Bardem disguised as a good boss appears in this paragraph to say that a good company is one in which employees feel at home and with family.

El País published a few days ago that after the pandemic, some companies raised awareness and launched programs or contracted psychological care services to prevent health problems among workers. Any measure aimed at improving mental health is welcome, but why is the management of stress or anxiety often caused by austerity, oppressive working conditions or the lack of balance the responsibility of the worker and not of the the company itself? Since when is it better coach good pay or good hours? The emotional health of workers goes hand in hand with their working conditions.


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