Work on a transformer leaves eight hours without electricity for a hundred companies in the Guadalhorce polygon

Works in the transformation center of the Polygon of Guadalhorce.

Businessmen denounce that this type of action which forces to cut the supply does not take place on weekends, when the activity in the industrial zones is minimal

Francisco Jimenez

At Chapela restaurant they couldn’t put only one breakfast or one set menu on Tuesday. At the gas station next door you could not refuel. In the Taxi-VTC agency there were 12 workers with their hands crossed while they have until Thursday to formalize the VAT declarations of 700 customers. And in a frozen food company, the refrigerators were turned off. Thus, up to a hundred are the businesses affected by a power cut which throughout the morning and until the beginning of the afternoon of this Tuesday affected the block located near Esteban Salazar street. Chapela, one of the main arteries of the area of ​​Guadalhorce in the city of Malaga.

The interruption was scheduled by Endesa between 7:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. for work on a transformer located in the area, although it was finally extended until 3:30 p.m. This is stated by the company’s website on its notice card and also on some posters located in different places, but the truth is that it has taken all businessmen by surprise, who are also wondering why isn’t this type of action undertaken at a less conflicting time or during the weekend, in which the activity in the industrial areas is practically nil.

“It is not possible that they schedule a power outage in a business park for a Tuesday morning”

Antonio López, president of the association of polygons of Malaga (apoma)

“We have at least 40 pallets of frozen products in our warehouse and nobody here warns that they are going to cut the electricity. They could at least send an email, since we are customers, ”complains Antonio Astorga, of Congelados Multifrío, who hopes that the low temperatures in which the chamber is located will save the whole genre.

“Imagine a restaurant without light. As bad as the situation is, today we lost the day and, in addition to the products we have in the freezer. They didn’t warn us about anything”, complains Pablo García, owner of the Chapela restaurant, who regrets that “with what they charge on the bill, the least they can do is take into account the damage that they speak”.

“Can’t you do it at night or on the weekend? It’s unbelievable that they cut the electricity in an industrial area, leaving many businesses unable to work due to someone’s incompetence. That who made the decision is an authority, because it causes damage for free”, criticizes Jessica Molina, who in addition to managing an office building (there is a ‘call center’, a construction company, a training company, another infographic and an agency, among others) is part of the urban planning entity for the conservation of the Guadalhorce estate.” The first thing they should have done is inform the conservation entity so that we can inform businesses. It doesn’t cost much to educate beyond putting it on your website and putting a sign right in front of where the operators are.

Cristina Molina, of the Taxi-VTC agency, one of the companies installed in this office building, expresses herself in the same direction. “We didn’t know anything. With all the work we have these days with our clients’ VAT returns, we’ve come to this,” complains the manager of this consulting firm in which a dozen people work. We are all with our arms folded,” he remarks.

From the Association of Estates and Industrial and Commercial Parks of Malaga (Apoma), they also do not hide their discomfort. “It’s not possible that they schedule a power outage in a business park for a Tuesday morning. Why don’t they do it on a Saturday or even a Sunday, when most of these businesses are closed ?”, denounces the president of the entity, Antonio López.

As Endesa explains, the works in question consist of the complete reform of the transformation center, which will involve, among other things, the digitization of the entire system and with which it is expected that the supply will be more reliable since it will allow to control the installations remotely and thus be able to act with greater agility in the event of an incident. This Tuesday’s work consisted of removing the portable transformer that had been installed at the beginning of the month (then it was a Saturday) to guarantee service during the aforementioned reform. As for the lack of information denounced by the businessmen, sources from the electricity company point out that they are obliged by law to put up posters in the neighborhood and even in the media.


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