Work on the Labrit podium is extended without fixed delays or explanations

The Pamplona City Hall still does not set a timetable for the repair work on the Labrit footbridge, which should have been completed by the end of September.

The question has been dealt with in Urban planning commission held this Wednesday after an initiative presented by the municipal group of E. H. Bildu requesting information on the causes of the delay and diversion of the budget to repair the Santa Engracia dam for the additional costs generated by the footbridge.

The initiative was approved with the additional votes of psn Yes Bay of Geroawhile Sum of Navarre voted against.

It consisted of three points. The first “denounces the concealment of the new one-month delay on the Labrit footbridge, the additional cost that this will entail in the rental of hangers and scaffolding and the opaque diversion of the budget of 180,000 euros for the Sainte Engrâce dam”.

The second point is to demand, for the third week in a row, an official visit by the Planning Commission to learn firsthand what is happening on this podium and that it constantly tries to hide it from the public.

Finally, it is requested Councilman Fermin Alonso to explain to the Planning Commission the current situation of the Santa Engracia dam, whose proposed regulation by the City Council of Pamplona has not been authorized by the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro (CHE).

Although opposition spokespersons have repeatedly questioned the progress of the work on the Labrit footbridge, the Delegate Councilor for Mobility and Strategic Projects Fermín Alonso has avoided setting a date.

no delay

“We are a few weeks away from load testing and opening. The closer we get to the opening, the more nervous they get,” said Navarre representative Suma, referring to the mayor of Abertzale Borja Izaguirrewho submitted the proposal.

Alonso’s intervention did not serve to remove doubts or to know when the podium will be open again, closed since 2016 due to the detachment of several plates.

Santa Engracia Dam

Most of his speech was devoted to justifying the actions of the government team and on the Santa Engracia footbridge he confirmed that the CHE had not authorized the repair project and that a restoration project has now been proposed to the same organization which will be is in progress.

Image of the Santa Engracia dam in La Rochapea. Inaki Porto

In this context, he placed the decision of the government team to change the fate of a game intended to repair the Santa Engracia dam to the works on the footbridge.

Criticism for lack of information

Izaguirre once again denounced the cost of repairing the footbridge (more than one million euros, when its construction cost 680,000 euros). “We don’t know when this nightmare is going to end and they said they’ll sort it out in two weeks. Today we don’t know what is behind the tarpaulins on the podium,” said the mayor of Abertzale.

Bildu’s spokesperson in Urbanism complained that the government team did not explain the nature of the unforeseen events found in the process of repairing the footbridge and accused the mayor of Alonso of hiding the report which linked the delay of the Labrit cycle path to the works on the footbridge.

On behalf of the Socialist Group intervened Maite Esporrinwho called the repair project “a disaster and a waste”.

The PSN spokesperson also asked the government team for an approximate time frame for carrying out the work and recalled that it will be necessary to carry out resistance tests – tests that were not done at the time – before it can reopen to foot traffic. . .

Javier Leoz (Geroa Bai) asked for an explanation of the delay and lamented the lack of information from the government team. “It is better that we close the walkway, because the engineer who is repairing it advised to put up scaffolding to hold the structure together.

The councilor of the progressive formation questioned Alonso about the deadlines, but since the representative of Navarra Suma did not have another turn to speak, he asked him again during question time of the same committee, without find an answer.


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