Work progresses on the new Puerto Real wastewater treatment plant

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development progress in the works of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Port Royal. The Director General of Hydraulic Infrastructure of the Junta de Andalucía, Alvaro Real, visited the area where the works are underway to check their progress and supervise the works in progress. He was accompanied during this visit, among others, by the territorial delegate of this ministry, David Gil, and the mayor of this municipality in the Bay of Cadiz, Elena Amaya, as well as the provincial water coordinator of this territorial delegation. , Javier Rubio , the members of the municipal corporation and the technical team linked to this action.

These works, attributed to the Ferrovial-Cadagua joint venture, has a budget of more than 14 million and consist of the construction and start-up of a newly established wastewater treatment plant.

This major action continues to progress and will include the progressive replacement of old elements of the facilities with new and more modern ones. This will double the capacity of the current facility and is expected to be able to handle a wastewater volume of 15,000 cubic meters per day. In addition, as part of this work, among other tasks, the pumping of raw water and the lines of water, mud and deodorization will be improved.

During this visit, the strong commitment of the Andalusian government to the modernization of water management in the autonomous community and the creation of jobs in the province of Cádiz and the relevance of policies in this area were highlighted by this ministry linked to the progress and economic development of this territory.

Regarding this action in Puerto Real, the General Director of Hydraulic Infrastructure, Álvaro Real, indicated that “it is a work that has been declared of interest for the autonomous community since 2010 and that in 2019 we took it as a key and fundamental initiative in the province. The renovation of the sewage treatment plant was necessary and we undertook it as one of the main projects”. He recalled that “since then we launched a call for tenders for the drafting of the project and in January the works began, which recorded typical conditions that usually arise in the works such as problems of soil stability . Now, the excavation work for the biological reactors is almost complete and the work continues to progress”. “Fortunately, we have contractors and the ministry’s technical team constantly monitoring this work,” he said.

For his part, David Gil underlined that with this performance, “We changed a structure that was about 50 years old, which continues to operate while we do the work, and we went from a capacity of 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants.” The territorial delegate of this ministry also thanked “the company and the technicians for their ability to react” and their work so that “the work continues to meet the deadlines”. Likewise, he specified that “it is an essential treatment plant, based on the commitment of the government of Juanma Moreno” and, with regard to the drought, he indicated that with this type of action “we anticipate a complex situation that is coming our way and for this we are the administrations before the needs of the citizens”.

LMayor Elena Amaya stated that “the need we have in Puerto Real for the treatment plant to be in operation is fundamental due to the deteriorated conditions in which the facilities are located”. Likewise, he added that during this visit “we were able to check on the spot the progress of the treatment plant, with an electrical network problem being solved, which will allow to speed up the procedures and the infrastructures as soon as possible”. He added that “I am a little calmer seeing directly in the infrastructure that the work is progressing, for which we are grateful for the commendable work that is being done and we will continue to see the progress that the treatment plant is making”.

During this visit, it was pointed out from this ministry that This type of action promoted by the Junta de Andalucía is fundamental, as well as the use to optimize this resource. In this line, the regional meeting of the Committee of Experts on Drought, held in Seville and framed within the framework of the SOS Plan that the Andalusian Executive has launched to promote measures and investments and which will complement the Monitoring Commission, has also called back for drought.

During the tour, the institutional collaboration to launch this type of action in the province was also valued.


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