work will start in a few days

Work will begin, in a first phase between the Z30 and the railway bridge, on 12 (Monday)

Work begins on Avenida de Cataluña. Current state of the avenue.

The Monday, December 12 will be a historic day for the inhabitants of Avenida de Cataluña that after decades of struggle, they will finally see machines on the avenue that has given them so many headaches. It will be in a first phase works, works covering from the railway bridge to the Z30. Once this section is completed, they will continue with the following ones (with unspecified times), something similar to what will happen on Avenida de Navarra.

I know will improve the sidewalks, currently in concrete and, on the other hand, the two traffic lanes will be maintained. The city council has planned to invest 4.5 million euros and the deadline for carrying out the work will be extended by 14 months, so it will be necessary to wait until early 2024 to see the work completed.

What will the reform of Avenida de Catalunya look like?

It will have 20 garden areas, with the planting of 80 trees in the stretch and, on the other hand, benches will be installed for the rest of pedestrians. The objective is to make the avenue a more “human” and “passable” route. Note that the old national road has been converted into an urban road with wide sidewalks and rest areas.

Similarly, the two paths are maintained, but also includes a separate bike path. The section in which you will work will be one half a kilometer longapproximately 24,000 square meters.

East the reform will be done in phases to avoid the collapse of traffic and cause as little damage as possible.

Mobility or circulation plan

The work will last 14 months.. For this reason, a mobility plan is drawn up to guarantee the mobility of residents and people passing through the avenue.

Since the start of the worksfrom December 12 to 23, the sidewalk on the right, towards Santa Isabel, will be occupied, at which time the existing sidewalk will be demolished and the sanitation renovations will continue. Pedestrians will be respected and the right traffic lane in the direction of the exit will be occupied. In addition, access to the streets of Santa Fe and Isla de Mallorca will be allowed.

while the January 9the second phase will be carried out in the first section which will consist of a drainage under the entry ways to Zaragoza, 4 meters deep and 1.5 meters in diameter (in this case the vehicles will be diverted in the direction of the exit).

Towards Work on the north and south sidewalks will begin at the end of Marchwhen traffic will be diverted through the central part of the avenue.

Calendar of the phases of the works on Avenida de Cataluña.
Calendar of the phases of the works on Avenida de Cataluña.

The status of the bus lines that cross the section

During the works mobility, the the routes of the urban and CTAZ bus lines are maintainedbut will change the location of the stops of buses, which are 3. The mobility plan will cancel any of the stops (the one located at number 188) at any time, although it will always guarantee that one of them provides the service.

As the work progresses, stops will be reinstated and others will be removed in an effort to get out of the area served by public transport.

Roundabout under the railway bridge

Faced with this new demand from local residents, Patricia Cavero, Minister of Infrastructure, considered that it was a “complex” job, but that the roundabout under the railway bridge will be a reality. He has designed around “amorphous” That is “circular”, since the roundabout had to be adapted to the viaducts of the railway viaduct.

The project will be completed in early 2023, guaranteeing the bends, being a “complex” design given the mentioned ADIF viaduct.

Architecture of the roundabout on Avenue de Catalunya.
Architecture of the roundabout on Avenue de Catalunya.

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