Working against the clock in Burriana for the battle of flowers for the holidays

The holidays, the heat and the quiet rhythm of summer do not stop the fallera activity in Burriana. The commissions are immersed in the preparations for the battle of flowers of the Feasts of Mercy, a much-loved act among neighbors that fills the city streets with color and confetti. The race is against the clock since the parade will take place on September 11 and for this reason the Falleros spend marathon days preparing the float. In this long-awaited edition, since it has not taken place for two years, nine commissions will participate in the competition with coaches made by hand using the laborious technique of paper.

This is the case of Club 53 which, as explained at Mediterraneanthey take about four months of continuous work between working out the design, modeling the figures and, most expensive, glue one by one the small colored papers that give meaning to the whole monument. The president of the group, Luis López, and one of the specialists in this technique, Oscar Petit, stressed that “it is a process that requires patience because the weeks pass until you see results”. Although “at the end of the day, it’s an excuse to get together,” he said.

The highest representatives also participate in the artisanal process. ISABELLE CALPE

In fact, the older falleras and the courts of honor are also an active part of the initiative and, in this way, they strengthen ties and share moments of fun. As can be seen in the images that accompany this news, the only tools you have are your hands and your own ingenuity. Every paper it has the shape of a flower and is glued to the structure to form the color gradient. The whole tank is covered, so the youngest prepare the skirts that will prevent the wheels from being seen.

Top secret

Commissions from Falla Don Bosco, Caçadors, Tarancón, Raval, Sant Josep, Barri València, La Mercé and the aforementioned Club 53 will compete for the first prize pennant on the day of the battle of flowers. That’s why the design of the tank is top secret so that the contest is as surprising as possible. This edition will be even more special, if possible, since it represents the reunion with this singular war that has not been fought since 2019 due to the pandemic.

In this line, the falleros are also gradually returning to their more traditional calendar, which is why the 18 municipal commissions have taken advantage of the summer season to present their highest representatives for 2023. Thus, many groups have already celebrated the act known as the firecracker in which they take the opportunity to live a day of brotherhood and gain strength for the upcoming exercise.

In reality, that same weekend, the fallas Cardenal Tarancón and Camí d’Onda will proclaim their falleras and falleros with a big party in his honor.

Bullfighting acts in honor of the popular embolador Maraya

The City Council of Burriana and the Bullfighting Federation have included in the program of the festivities several acts in homage to the famous driver and local embolador, Juan Vicente Montón Maraya, Died earlier in the year. Thus, on August 31 at 7:30 p.m., there will be the inauguration of a photographic exhibition to recall the long career of this bullfighting figure in the casino of the Falla Center Espanya. There will also be a minute of silence during the first bullfight on September 3 and an activity to promote the hobby among children.


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