Works at San Victorian highlight monastery mill and oven

The previous work of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Government of Aragon at the restoration of the monastery of San Victorian have brought to light monument mill and oven. These actions, for which the The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has allocated more than 50,000 eurosThey started at the end of October. These works constitute the stage prior to consolidation work on the abbey palace, to be completed in 2023, with a amount estimated at 620,000 euros. All performances will be financed by Next Generation European funds through the recovery plan, the transformation of resilience.

The DDirector General of Cultural Heritage of the Government of AragonMarisancho Menjón, underlined “the great artistic and heritage valueof this monument, declared Property of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 2002. Likewise, Menjon valued the discovery of the mill and the oven of the ” a space so important for the history of Aragon and one of its main tourist centers”.

The The object of these works was to clean the bodies added to the abbey palace on its southern order to analyze water pipes which crossed the area of ​​the old mill, as reflected on the 1853 map. This area was very affected by colonies, probably caused by water loss, sagging roofs and slabs, abundant plant growth, which made it practically inaccessible. For this reason it was made cleaning needed for a subsequent assessment of the general condition of the constructions.

In these works, the mill was discovered, with its complete rodezno mechanism, shaft, sword and, above, the millstones. Likewise, The monastery oven in the exedra added to the south wall has been unearthed, in perfect condition.

The Preliminary Action Project raised the need for remove the existing materials in certain rooms in the southern zone of the abbey palace, with the aim of deepening the knowledge of the monument, all under archaeological control. The project to consolidate the northwest wing of the abbey palace, with a nine month periodcontemplate the restoration and consolidation of this space, as it is an area that is in an advanced state of deterioration. The The planned work consists of the underpinning of the foundation, the restoration of the vertical walls, the bracing of the slabs and the replacement of the roof.

Since 2005, the government of Aragon has invested more than 1 million euros in this enclave. This year they started a series of work to consolidate its structures, which were followed by conditioning the complex for guided tours and performances in the refectory and library. Later, already in 2017 the walls intervened and the surrounding tower and the old road of the royal monastery have been recovered.

A year later there was conditioning and security actions necessary for the incorporation of new spaces from the monastery to the rguided tour route, specifically, the area of ​​​​the orchards of the priest and the nuns, their enclosures and the attached paths. Thus, removal of vegetation in factories, clearing and clearing of rubble on the ground, archaeological control and monitoring, suturing of cracks in walls, consolidation and reinforcement of vaults, consolidation of jambs and lintels in arches and openings, reopening openings have been made in this way. blind, between other shares, for an amount of 20,000 euros.

In this same 2018others have been assigned 20,000 euros to improve the lighting of the temple, thanks to an agreement with Red Eléctrica de España, which has improved visibility inside the tower and the monastery. Thus, a power line was installed which starts from the outside of the hotel building and reaches the tower, after crossing the main patio and the cloister. The luminaires used are LED and low consumption and are oriented so as not to cause glare or light pollution.. These actions will be supplemented by the work planned for this year.

During this year 2021 have been executed works in the courtyard of the abbey palace for an investment of approximately 58,000 euros. The purpose of this action was to continue to expand the visitable area of ​​the monastery, as well as to deepen the knowledge of the property. The works included the clearing of the surface, the removal of rubble with archaeological monitoring, the consolidation of the walls and the improvement of the carpentry to improve the safety of the visit.

Thus, at the end of this legislature, the The government of Aragon will have invested a total of 1.7 million euros in this monument since 2005. To all the actions mentioned above, the drafting of a historical study and drafting of a Master Plan for Archaeological Actions for an amount of 8,000 euros.

In addition, under an agreement signed between the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Tourism of Aragon, the Region of Sobrarbe and the town hall of El Pueyo de Araguás to promote the realization of guided tours at the Royal Monastery, tourists and locals can discover this enclave on days On December 6, 8 and 11, in two passages (11 a.m. and 1 p.m.).


The Monastery of San Victorián has been classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Monuments since March 2002,

The Royal Monastery of San Victorian forms a c16th century monastic architectural ensemble made up of different constructions, located in a mountainous and isolated place and surrounded by a fortified enclosure. The enclosure of the monastery consists of a Casa Abadía, a Hospedería and two rectangular buildings with each other and arranged around an open space with a fountain and a cross. In the center the community cloisterwhose eastern corridor is the only vestige of the medieval construction on which the new monastery was built.

The churchof the century XVIIIthhave three shipsoriginally covered by a barrel vault with ribbed glasses and straight head. Attached to the church, there is a large tower with a square plan and two bodies in height, behind which was the cemetery.


The actions in San Victorián are part of the support policy that the Government of Aragon carries out for the recovery of the royal pantheons of the Autonomous Communityaround which you want to create a tourist route that enhances these heritage enclaves.

In this sense, the Government of Aragon is making a great financial effort to recover this heritage. Since the year 2016the The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has invested two million euros in the royal pantheonswhich will amount to 4,902,993 euros at the end of the legislature and the actions in progress in Sijena, San Juan de la Peña and San Victorián will be added, as well as the important works carried out in San Pedro el Viejo.

comes to them add the 1.2 million euros that the Ministry of Culture will allocate to the consolidation and rehabilitation of the castle of Montearagón.

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