“Years ago they should have fixed the Posada pass, now let’s see how it goes”

Deputy Minister Jorge García during Monday evening’s visit. / THIS

The neighbors are “happy” for the start of the work, but they fear that the work of 48,000 euros and ten days will not be enough

The feeling is shared at Posada de Llanes: after years of waiting, the improvement works at the level crossing are more than welcome, even if there are doubts as to whether these works of 48,000 euros which will last ten days will be the final solution. to their suffering every time they cross the tracks. The problem lies in the difference in height between the road and the railway infrastructure, in addition to the fact that it is a path shared by vehicles and pedestrians. “It’s dangerous and I don’t know if it will be enough,” said Vanesa Fernández, a neighbor of Posada who crosses daily with a stroller. “It’s a nuisance,” he said.

Also for older neighbors it is a mess that has gone on for too long, because “the passage is always bad”, said Secundina Concha, from Vibaño. “Years ago they should have fixed it,” added Rosa María Parres, from Posada. Given its commercial appeal and the fact that the AS-115 road is a connection between the interior of the region and the coast of Llanes, many inhabitants of other municipalities are also affected by the situation.

This is the case of Antonio Huerta, from Benia de Onís, who pointed out that the level crossing “is a disaster” and that they can wait “half an hour” to cross it. “Let’s see how they do,” he said. Rocío Alonso, president of the Asepo merchants’ association, indicated for her part that they are “very happy that an improvement has finally been made”, even if she estimated that given the deadlines “it will be little “.

More optimistic was the mayor of the Posada district, Mónica Salas, who said that “no matter how small she is, she will look good”. She also said she was “very happy because it was achieved by Posada, the people”. The Municipal Council also assessed yesterday the work that the Principality and Adif will carry out in a coordinated manner. The mayor, Enrique Riestra, claimed that these are “necessary” jobs that they appreciate from the local administration.

However, it shows the same mistrust as some of the neighbors with regard to investment and working days. For Riestra, the figures “speak for themselves” after “almost a decade” of waiting. To frame the amount of 48,000 euros, he alluded to the works that the City Council will carry out in the courtyard of Parres, which will involve greater expenses, or to the paving of roads, also with higher budgets. He also recalled that other works undertaken by the Principality in Llanes, such as the roundabouts in Celorio, “are neither there nor expected”.

The first mayor also said that the visit made on Monday evening, when the work began, in which both the Deputy Minister of Infrastructures, Jorge García, and the Socialist deputies Gimena Calledo and Ángel Morales took part, “took his Warning”. .


On behalf of the town hall, the councilor for works, Juan Carlos Armas, and the deputy mayor and councilor for urban development, Marián García de la Llana, took part, who underlined the “collaboration” between the three administrations. Since the city council, he argued, he exercised “with more weight” the “force” necessary to “support the neighbors in their request”, but also “I did it while I was in opposition,” he said.

“I hope that I will not have to insist on this question again,” said the deputy mayor, who harbors some concern about the final result. He also recalled that throughout this period he has been in contact with Adif and that improvements have also been achieved in other stages, such as Pancar. According to what was transferred from Adif to García de la Llana, his part of the job will be to condition the grids, sunken with respect to the rail. And according to the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Territorial Cohesion, once Adif has carried out the “maintenance and improvement work on the pipes”, they will be responsible for “repairing the roadway and the improving the road grade”. All work will be carried out at night to “minimize inconvenience to Posada residents and road users”.


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